The Busy Giffs: Doctor's Update and Drool.

May 16, 2011

Doctor's Update and Drool.

So today I had the weekly doctors appointment and once again, I'm looking good.  I'm measuring right at 37 and baby's heart beat is at 155 (which if you believe in old wives' tales, that would be a girl).  Everything I'm feeling is normal and the doctor said that my work habits are fine this week still, and they'll reevaluate next week when I go back. :)

Today I also recieved a postcard in the mail for the Drool Baby Expo. Unlike the ridiculous amounts of bridal expos in the area, this is the ONLY ONE I have found anything about in the area.  It obviously would be less than a week before my due date at the Seaport in Boston on the 31st.

It's going to be crazy.  There is over $4,000 worth of prizes that are being given away, free spa services and swag bags that are supposed to be insane.  The card I receieved in the mail is good for $10 off any ticket so the normal $35 would be $25 or the VIP, which gets you in an hour early, a $25 gift card to Magic Beans, and the ultra luxury swagbag worth over $200 chock full of the best new baby stuff, would be $50 instead of $60! Obviously I feel super guilty even THINKING about spending the money to go up there but it just seems so fun and it's not like I'll get the chance to ever do it again so I guess my question is...

Does anyone want to spend $25 and go with me to the Drool Baby Expo

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