The Busy Giffs: An Answer.

May 20, 2011

An Answer.

Today I came home to 3 pieces of mail.

The first was a letter from Masshealth saying we needed to send a copy of David's unemployment income for them to process our Masshealth application. However, we don't have that yet.  We are still in that 3 week waiting period between the time we applied for unemployment and the time he'll get his first check if they decide that he is eleigible for the unemployment compensation.  However, we have until July 15th to submit the documentation so even if we need to wait another week and a half for his first check to come in, we'll be able to get the paperwork in to the necessary agency in time to continue the review process.

The second letter I opened was also from Masshealth saying that I was and have been covered by Masshealth Prenatal coverage since April 30th. Yeyyy! So even though David and I can not get coverage as a married couple, because I am pregnant, I am automatically covered. This is wonderful because our United HC ended on 5/9, so that covers me without any break in coverage.  the only problem with this is that it says in big bold print, This coverage does not pay for labor and delivery. It then says that it means that it gives me medical coverage for myself and the baby while they determine what other coverage I'll be recieving.  Ok, so it's not 100% but it covers the doctors appointment I had on 5/9, 5/16, the one I have on Monday and after Dave and I send in the income verification (from the first letter, above) they will review and backdate whatever coverage they give us to April 30th. So it's not all the answers I wanted but I can at least breath a bit better knowing that is taken care of.

The third letter I opened was my Masshealth card!! When I go to the doctors on Monday, they will be able to update my information into the computer and get my billing information all back in order.

I don't know about you, but it's a HUGE sigh of relief and an even bigger burden off my shoulders.  There's no reason we won't get the Masshealth now, it's just wiating for that first check to come in or a letter than says we're denied unemployment income.  While I'd prefer some income, I'll take either right now. :)

So I'm in a pretty decent mood. I know we're not out of the dark yet but it's a good start.  Mom's at the Sugarland concert tonight with my Aunt Anne so I decided that I will end tonight's post with a song by them that pretty much is life right now...


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