The Busy Giffs: 28 & 37.

May 15, 2011

28 & 37.

Today is my husband's birthday! I know I talk about him incessently but I love him and he deserves everything.  He felt guilty doing anything birthday becuase he's unemployed but I don't care.. a birthday is a birthday and you should get to celebrate.  My mom and the kids cam eover becuase I knew it would be relaxing and he could celebrate without really celebrating.  We had a picky dinner of pizza, mini tacos, friday appetizers, and kielbasa, we had some pretty amazing cupcakes.  Dave is a HUGE chocolate cake fan, ideally chocolate with peanut butter and anyone who knows me, knows that I stick to yellow or funfetti with white frosting.  Plain Jane. Me making anything else is a labor of love. 

I wanted to make these amazing but since it was only 6 of us, and I don't want left over chocolate cupcakes... I bought a "snack size" box of Duncans chocolate cupcakes.  It made 9, perfect. After cooking them last night and cooling them complately I made a filling out of vanilla pudding and mixed in melted peanut butter. I'm not gonna lie... I had no idea how it was going to taste but it turned out pretty well.  Topped it was a double chocolate frosting and melted peanut butter chips and I must say, I was happily surprised.  I ate a whole cupcake. A whole CHOCOLATE cupcake... this is huge.

David got the second controller for the Move, MLB The Show 2011, beef jerky and some WOW stuff.  He's pretty easy to please; I like that about him.  He's been playing with the ps3 since he opened his gifts and we've already destroyed a bag of beef jerky.  :)

In addition, today is 37 weeks. Um, yikes. I have a fullterm baby inside of me, and oh my goodness, is it active this weekend.  I seriously thought he/she was going to arrive this week because there was so much going onin my abdomen this weekend. Like to the point where I sat in the bathtub and shaved my legs because I was convinced.  Clearly God and the baby laughed at me. Whatever.  The girls at work have started betting on when the little one is going to come out and one even volunteered to drive me to the hospital today because she thought for sure it was coming today.

I guess we're ready for him or her. I mean I realized today that we do not have a chnaging pad so I'll have to get one at some point and mom pointed out that I should pick up infant tylenol and those thinsg so I have them but we installed the car seat yesterday and really, there's not much else that I'm scrambling for right now. 

When people ask if we're ready my gut instainct is to say "yes". I mean, stuff wise we are set but then I go wait, are we REALLY ready for this? But when I feel the need to say "no", I have to remind myslef that even if I don't think we are ready, we absolutely are and if not, we will be when little one arrives. It's not really up to us, we'll be ready even if we think we aren't or if we know we are.

I guess now it's just that wait... it could be a day, it could be me being induced in 5 weeks. I guess it's time for me to give up control and just accept the fact that there is a bigger plan and the little one knows more than I do. <3

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