The Busy Giffs: The Weekend Update.

April 5, 2011

The Weekend Update.

I know, I know, it's Tuesday. Whatever.
It was a very long, crazy, amazing weekend and I still am not recovered from it.

Saturday, David and I went to Tobey hospital for Childbirth class.  if I didn't know that my husband was "that guy" before, I certainly knew it Saturday.  I'm not going to share the whole class with you because, honestly, it's wierd.  Anatomy, overview of complications, gross words like placenta and of course, the birthing videos.  If those don't make you stay a virgin, I don't knwo what will. My husband wanted to make light of the day.  We were stuck in a small boardroom with 11 other couples for 6 hours; he needed an outlet.  I'll share his two more ridiculous comments and then move on.

While discussing afterbirth (where you push out the placenta, eww), the woman doing the class commented that the doctor will often show you the membrane if you ask to see it. David's comment: "Can I put it in a jar and take it home?"

Later, while talking about positions of birth and complications of presentation resulting in tearing of the mom's skin, the teacher mentioned that some babies will try and go out elbow first.  David's comment: "Does it ever superman it's way out?" (with the arms held straight up in the air).

I love him, I do, and I really hope that sense of humor helps me get through delivery.

Saturday night was wonderful.  I really wanted to take a nap but getting home at 5:30 meant if I napped, I was NOT sleeping through the night so I called KBiss and offered her a free movie.  We went to the mall, I made an exchange at Old Navy and we went for a quick manicure.  You have no idea how wonderful it was.  I got to just sit and relax for a half hour and it was glorious. For only $10, I may be investing in this again.  We went and saw Source Code after that. P.s. Dont waste your time.

Sunday was the big day! Before I even give a single detail about the shower I just need to say that my mom is absolutely amazing. hands down, no questions asked, I dont care what your mom has ever done for you, mine is better. Plain and simple.  It's not an opinion, it's cold hard facts.  Dont believe me? Come meet my mom. <3

The shower was wonderful.  Overrwhelming at times but so so wonderful.  It seems like a blur of hugs and presents but I left so happy.  I also left with a TON of stuff. My car was completely full. These are pictures of the baby's room BEFORE the shower:


Ya, yikes! Baby (and me and David) are so lucky to have everyone in our lives.  It was such an amazing day and we seriously could not have asked for anything more. <3

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