The Busy Giffs: Vacation Recap

April 22, 2011

Vacation Recap

We are home from PTown and already back into the swing of real-life.  David and I both had to work yesterday as soon as we got home so it was a quick jump right back to reality. However, the break was so definately needed. 

PTown was great.  The weather was ehhhh but it forced me to stay in and relax rather than run around doing one thing after another.  We got there Monday night, right after dinner and relaxed with my family while eating.  Being exhausted from working all day and the 3 hours of driving between dropping off the pups and then getting out there, it was a nice early bedtime after a couple games of ping pong in the rec room and so B's action. 

Tuesday, when we woke up, it was actually pretty nice out.  The girls and I went to the vstore to pick up bacon, eggs, and coffees and stop at the beach  The low tide was ridiculous, so far out.  After a little adventure (read: we got lost) we found Stop and Shop and Cumby's, loaded up on junk food and went back to the condos. Since they were forcasting rain for the afternoon, we wanted to go to the Pilgrim Monument early. Kris and Dave climbed it but I figured if I did, as Dave said "I'd need a nap afterwards" so Abby stayed at the bottom with me and she told me all about her plans for college.  I love her, 12 years old and planning out college. <3  After that, we went to Commercial St which is the main shopping drag of PTown and went from store to store.  The Fudgery, penny candy, The Shell Store, The Purple Feather, pretty much every store... we went in.  We had so much fun running around and it being Dave's first time in Ptown, he had quite an enjoyable time.  We went back to the condo for lunch and snuggled up to watch a movie.  We had dinner at the famous Lobster Pot and, it was unbelievable.  Not only was it delicious, but it was so much fun.  There was a boy who was obsessed with David and kept asking him about Red Sox stuff, an old man named Izzy tried to be Dave's best friend... we laughed for so much of that meal.  More Boston sports in the condo and it was bedtime again.

Wednesday was cold. Very cold.  We opted for breakfast and tv watching after another quick coffee trip.  the girls really wanted to see Hop so we took advantage of the cold and headed to Wellfleet for a movie.  Nothing caps off a kids movie better than a bbq house for lunch so we stopped in and had WAY too much to eat.  When we got back to the condo, Mom and derek had come back so we relaxed with them for a while.  The kids really wanted ice cream so we took them downtown around 8 pm for some.  What a differnece in PTown between day and night. :) 

As we walked down the street, this HUGE burly man, probably 6 and a half feet, 300 lbs sees us and in the most high pitch voice goes "Ohhh the kids are out.. its vay-caaaa-tion".  I've never seen my 16 year old brother move so fast.  It took everything in myself not to pee myself laughing.  After a very odd trip to the fudge store, where he said "I'll be with you in a minute, I'm making the fudge now"......, and the kids fabricating a story that a cop came up to the car and they all blmaed the preggo for wanting fudge, it was back to the condo for one last night.

We left on thursday morning after another great breakfast of bacon and eggs and picked up the pups and got right back to our schedules.  It wasnt a long vacation, or a glamorous vacation but it was relaxing and restful and so much fun.  I'm happy the weather kind of sucked or we would have been running around trying to do everything.

It's funny to think though as I unpack from PTown... I guess it's time to start packing for the hospital... <3

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