The Busy Giffs: The Shit They Don't Tell You.

March 21, 2011

The Shit They Don't Tell You.

Apparently I am going to share one of my most embarrassing moments right now.

Tonight at work, I peed myself. Yep, you read that right. 
I sneezed and I peed.  Not a lot but enough to burst into tears.

Apparently its compeletly normal for a pregnant woman to pee herself because the baby is on bladder and all that jazz but no one told me this.  THANK GOD we wear black pants at Friendlys and THANK GOD again that it happened after 9 pm, with no customers in the restaurant and less than an hour to go until closing.  I literally cried I was so upset.

It's gross and wierd and just awkward.

I'm going to write a book.  Not "What to Expect When You're Expecting" because NOWHERE in that book did it warn me about sneezepeeing, but rather I'll title it "The Shit They Don't Tell You" because you know what? I'm not getting hemmeroids and weird cravings like the book said I would.  I'm not moody or gaining 2 to 3 pounds a week like the book sad but instead I'm sneezepeeing.

But I'm crazy enough to laugh it off and share my story with the world because I'mnot ashamed of my accident.  I'm more upset that no one told me to expect this so in true Heather fashion, enjoy...

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