The Busy Giffs: March.

March 2, 2011


It's March, seriously, March.

Does that scare the hell out of anyone else?

March is weird to me. I don't know; I knew it was coming but it came reeeeeeally fast.  March means midterms are coming up. March means I hit the 7 month mark.  It's the beginning of Spring and it feels like crunch-time.

March means my classes end in 2 months, 9 weeks and one of those weeks is spring break.

March means that I am officially 6 and half months pregnant and hit the 7 month mark in the middle of this month. My baby shower is in a month. A Month! Oh goodness! I remember talking to mom and thinking we were planning so early and we'd be completely ready by the time it was here and now, there's a month left.  Still a long time but you know what I mean.

I've known I'm pregnant for 5 months now.  5 MONTHS!

I know I'm pretty much just freaking out about the date but it's scary.  May is in 2 months and baby can come anytime then.  Lots of baby's come early and I want to be ready just in case. 2 months does not seem like much time considering 5 just flew by. 

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