The Busy Giffs: Happyness.

March 19, 2011


Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in a while.  I had taken the day off but volunteered to work 6:30-12:30 to cover Carol's shift.  I ended up leaving at 12, went to the store and found a pair of gray heels to go with the dress I bought for Jocelyn's wedding next Friday! Yey! Oh and did I mention they were clearanced at 9.99 and had an extra 30% off all clearance so they were 7 bucks! Even better!

I also got a text from Old Navy for 30% off my whole purchase.  I'm not going to be in maternity clothes forever so I've been looking at all the flowy tops and tank tops that I can wear while prego and afterwards while my body readjusts.  I went to the mall and bought 8 new shirts for the spring.  It started at $73 but after sale prices it was $42 and with my bonus 30%, it was a whopping $29!!! Im so good sometimes that I disgust myself.  I visited David at work and a priving error at Stop and Shop's gas pump got me gas for $3.33 a gallon. Still disgusting but less disgusting than the 3.47 it should have been.

Add in naptime with the puppies and the day was already amazing by 3 pm.  But it wasn't over yet.  I had plans at 6 in Bridgewater to reunite with some Belize travelers for dinner.  Since I was heading up there I wanted to go up early to stop at the Middleboro and Bridgewater Friendly's.  Gail, at Mboro has been asking me constantly on Facebook when I was going to come in so she could see the bump so I figured I'd cross my fingers that she was there. Of course, I got there at 5 and she wasn't scheduled until 6 so I went up 18.  I stopped at Cake in a Box to get a Guinness cupcake for David (since yesterda was the last day for them, being the week of St. Pattys) and went to Bwater Friendlys.  The GM's have to work either a midshift, like 11-8 or 12-9, or close so I knew if I went around 5, Chris would be there.. I LOVE Chris.  She was in Mboro with me, shes the reason I started working in Bwater, ya, and I havent seen her since I left that store in November.  So needless to say it was amazing to see her.

Dinner at Barrett's was delicious and it was wonderful seeing people I had such amazing memories with in Belize.  It's crazy to think thats where I was 4 years ago and how different my life is since then.  Tony, one of my favorite grownups ever, commented that hes amazed at much I've changed and how much better of a spot I am now than I was then.  4 years ago I was pregnant, 4 years ago, I lived in a dorm, I lost the baby and I had a nonexistent relationship that sucked.  I dropped out of school and couldn't even shower in the morning; I had no motivation for anything at all.  Now I'm close to finishing grad school, am married, have a baby on the way and the most supportive and amazing husband and family that I could ever ask for.  I am truely happy being where I am, although I appreciate where I was to get to here.

I stopped at Friendlys (again) on the way home and Gail was there! After a quick ice cream sundae with Fallyn, I was on my way home. 

Now Im going to get personal agian so if you don't wanna read about my sex life, skip ahead, or stop reading, whatever. 

I have hit that point where I feel gross, like too gross for sex.  I feel better than I ever thought I would pregnant, I feel good, but I dont feel attractive.  It's a different sort of good. Like an accomplishment, acheivement, or something bigger than me good but I hate looking at myself naked right now.  My stomach is huge, I have stretch staples I call them.. not a big line but like purple spots on my belly. Eww. Couple that with feeling bloated and a bit of excess gas, being uncomfortable laying on my back and yea, sex isnt really happening. David and I are still intimate, showers, back rubs, etc but thats it.  It obviously makes me a little edgy/nervous because how crappy of a wife would I be? Guys like sex and if you're not giving it...  I know David would never cheat on me. I am 110% sure of that fact but its something to stress over so I figure why not...

.... I curled up in bed content last night.  Happier than a day I can remember lately.  Not that I am unhappy but yesterday was just especially happy.  I'm a very lucky person. <3

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