The Busy Giffs: Happiness & Reassurance

March 15, 2011

Happiness & Reassurance

I had a very busy weekend.  Mostly work but busy nonetheless. I won't bore you with my crappy details but I will give you the highlights...

1. I went to work on Friday night, pulled out my serving book and found $131 dollars from last Saturday that I never took out and was pleasently surprised to find! I know its not "free money" but it sure felt like it!

2. On Saturday, while I was at work, Mom called me to let me know that our family friends Stephanie and Jim had 2 tickets to Elton John that they could not use.  Elton is David's FAVORITE ever.  He would joke about us naming our first child Elton. He's serioously obsessed.  He had the day off because he was at Lakey's house doing their fantasy baseball draft.  He was so excited when I called him, he called my mom and an hour later he was in the restuarant to kiss me and say thank you/bye.  not only did he get free tickets but then they ended up upgrading his seats to the floor! The traffic was so bad leaving that Lakey and David ducked into the first bar they could find and ordered a few drinks.  After that, they relaized they were sitting in a gay bar (or so they say, I'm pretty sure they knew ahead of time). He had an aamzing night and was acting like a little kid showing me all of his pictures and telling me stories.  I love that he was able to have such a wonderful night.

3. I know everyone has read my posts about how much a despise one of my managers.  She's not very bright and seriously should not be in a position of power above me or get paid more than I do but whatever, she's gone now. Yesterday was her last day.  Walking into work last night (to cover her shift) was easily the most relaxing shift I've ever worked.  I seriously enjoy my job now and I don't stress about having to deal with her. AMAZING weight lifted off my shoulders.

So that's 3 really great things that made my weekend...

Yesterday I went to Tobey for my Gestational Diabetes Screening.  You have to drink 12 oz of this orange drink in less than 5 minutes, wait and hour and then draw blood to see how you and the baby are processing it.  The drink tasted like one of those super sweet teeny juice drinks that you used to LOVE when you were a little kid.  The coldness and the sugar, having to consume it that quickly gave me a headache so I wandered up to the maternity waiting room (they have couches), grabbed a maagzine and snuggled up for the hour.  They took four tubes of blood and I was on my way.  When I left the hospital it was snowing!

Time out.
Ok so before I can go on, I have to backtrack.  My friend Jenny is also pregnant.  Her due date passed last week and she had no complications whatsoever during her entire pregnancy.  There was no sign of stress on the baby and the doctors said she was good and if she didn't go into labor they would induce her this week.  Well she went into labor, sat through 10 hours of it, had to have a last minute c-section, ended up having to go to the ICU because her pulse was raised and the baby and her were seperated.  BUT everythign was fine going into labor.  So obvioulsy it made me nervous.  Anytime someone tells me a horror story about labor and think "please God, not me" and  was a little on edge going to my GDS test.

Ok... back to the snow...

It was snowing as I left the hospital. In the middle of March.  With no forecast at all saying we would be getting snow.  Meredith, who you've read about before Loved crazy weather.  Snow, rain, hurricanes, you name it.  There was a blizzard on her birthday and torrential rain on the memorial of her passing.  She does crazy things with the weather up there in the sky. Well I am convinced the snow was from her.  I needed reassurance and she gave it to me.  Call it a coincidence, call it crazy but I'll call it reassurance.

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