The Busy Giffs: An Ew, Two Aw's, and a Wedding

March 26, 2011

An Ew, Two Aw's, and a Wedding

So let's start with the Ew.
Two nights ago I got to experience another one of those "let's not talk about it in public" pregnancy symptoms. David was on th computer, I walked up behind him, wrapped my arms around him and kissed the back of his head good night.  He ran his fingers down my arms and I leaked. Ya, gross. I like ran away, once again in tears (I hate this whole crying all the time thing).  It wasn't much, it was like a 1/4" little wet spot right on my tank top over my nipple. David thought it was hilarious, of course, and I obviously hopped right online to find out what was going on.  Good news is that it's completely normal and natural, bad news is that once again I wasn't informed of the weird things that were going to happen to me.  Oh well, maybe this means breastfeeding will be a breeze?!?

Now for the Aw's.
I spent yesterday morning at Westport Primary working with Kindergarteners.  It was a weird situation because the teacher was still there but I was subbing for her.  She had a meeting in the morning and was getting observed later so I was there for when she wasnt.  There was one little boy who is autistic and when he saw me he asked the teacher if I was taking him away.  When she said no, he said hello to me and asked my name.  In the most adorable fashion, he turned to the tecaher and asked "Why is her belly so big? Does she have a baby in her belly?" So I became "Mrs. Gifford with the baby in her belly".  he refused to leave my side.  He wanted to sit at the desk with me, walk down the hall next to me, he stayed with me all of recess and whenever a new teacher would come over he would introduce me... "So and so, this is Mrs Gifford and she has a baby in her belly".  Melted my heart and I can't wait until I have my own little one.

My second aww isn't nearly as cute but still worth sharing because it's a feel good kind of story.  Everyone knows that I LOVE my black stretchy yoga pants from Target.  They have a belly panel and they are seriously the most comfy pants I own.  I bought 2 pairs when they came out because I wore them so much.  Well Bailey and/or Sable decided to eat the crotch out of one of the pairs and I was down to one.  I went to Target, they were gone.  I found A pair on the clearance rack marked down to 9.98 so i was excited.  There was another woman walking around and asked how far along I was, making small talk, and told me her prgenant daughter had sent her for stuff because she had picked out, as her daughter defined them "ugly clothes", and made her return them.  I flet horrible for the woman.  She told me my mom was lucky to have me and my wonderful attitude and then gave me a coupon for $3 off any piece of maternity clothing.  She goes "I'd rather give it to you than my little brat". So I got my favorite pants for 6.98; thanks little brat. :)

And the wedding..
Last night was David's cousin's wedding and we had an amazing time.  I found a dress I loved and David got all spiffy.  They got married at Independence Harbor in Assonet; it was gorgeous, and they were so beautiful.  It was just nice to get dressed up and go out; it's the first time we have as a Mrs & Mr.

But you know what the best part was?  Not the funny stories from his old high school friends or dancing like idiots together but the fact that I was no longer eligible for the bouquet toss! Haha. I always hated that. Like I feel bad enough being single but lets put it on display for everyone... So excited I got to sit that one out and not get called by name to the dance floor...


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