The Busy Giffs: Don't read this one... It's about sex.

March 9, 2011

Don't read this one... It's about sex.

Today was my 7 month check up. Y, I'm starting my 7th month.  12 more weeks after this (provided the little one comes when he/she is supposed to). It was a bit of a shock because I had to make all my remaining appointments until my due date and had to start discussing my birth plan.  YIKES!!

It's crazy.  Things I had never even thought of: do I want the baby cleaned before the doctor gives he or she to me? Do I want the baby rooming with me or in the nursery? Should the nurses be allowed to give a binky?  Do I want to most of the labor at home? Or do I want to be in the hospital for most of the labor? Whose going to be in the room with me? What types of pain relief will I be using?

I don't know it's just a whole lot more questions I need to figure out now... On top of that, my doctor told me I need to start thinking about packing for the hospital (in case the baby comes early) and get our affairs in order for the pups should we need to get out of the house and to the hospital quickly. It's just weird to think of.  I felt like I had forever before the little one was coming and the past 6 months have flown by.  It's so soon; I'm getting nervous.  We still need to get the nursery set up, have our baby shower(s) and I need to talkto work about my plans for after my leave. 

My doctor is wonderful.  I go to Triad OB and its a rotating 4 doctors so that I can know all of them so no matter who is on call when I go into labor, I will know the doctor.  Well, this one kind of forward.  I guess that's the best way to say it.  I'm laying on the ultrasound table with my shirt up and my belly sticking out and he goes "So, how's the sex life still? Have you hit that bump where it ends?" Now, David and I are pretty open about our sex life. Hell, we got pregnant after six weeks of being married; it happens and everyone knows it.  Now this doctor has given me an internal, rubs jelly on my belly every couple weeks, but I feel awkward talking to him about sex. 

No one talks about sex, especially not sex while pregnant.  I've read just about every book there is on pregnancy and what to expect and all I got out of them is "It's healthy but you want to stop after week 36."  No one says "Hey, baby kicking during it is weird as hell". Oh wait, my doctor says its the baby yelling "HI DAD!!!" Weird, right? I don't want to think of a little thing in their while we're having sex. I know it's in there but I don't think about it.  I don't know, one day I'm going to write a book on pregnant sex and then maybe people won't make it so weird for everyone else. 

Makes me wonder what else they don't tell you while you're pregnant...

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