The Busy Giffs: 1st Delivery Attempt Notice.

March 3, 2011

1st Delivery Attempt Notice.

Today has been normal: went to school, did some grocery shopping, etc. But when I got home there was a notice from UPS.

1st Delivery Attempt.
Will try again Friday between 2pm-5pm or After 5 pm.
Package from: Crate and Barrel

What?? I thought it was going to be the dress I had ordered online for Jocelyn's wedding in a couple weeks, not Crate & Barrel.  I ordered something from them a couple weeks ago, but I already got that package...

So I became a detective... and looked at the UPS site.  It is definately from Crate and Barrel but it was ordered on March 2nd, aka YESTERDAY! which means it was definately not ordered by me. I obviously called David to see if it was him and it's not. He told me he would accept responsibility if I love it but otherwise, he has no idea where it came from. 

 So I called C&B's customer service and since I don't have an order number and it wasn't done from my email, I have no way of validating myself so they wont tell me anything.

So I have NO IDEA who sent this or what's in it. Hmm... any idea? Was it you? What did you get me?

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