The Busy Giffs: March 2011

March 31, 2011

Guilt Free Spending

Today I went gift card shopping. I don't feel guilty about spending gift cards, not at all. I call them "free money" because it's not like I can use it for anything else so it just sits in my wallet. Gift cards are easily one of my favorite things ever because I HAVE to use them on stuff because I can't use them to pay bills! Well today I used 3 gift cards, one to Hallmark and 2 to Victoria's Secret. 

The Hallmark card was leftover from Christmas.  David wanted to buy me a Vera Bradley diaper bag but didn't know what pattern so he bought me a gift card to Hallmark because the Hallmark in our mall has a wonderful Vera selection.  I already got my bag and had money left over.  I used some of what was left to buy a secret gift that I wont share now, and then I found realy cute, simple baby thank you cards! I wouldn't be  if I didn't find them for 75% off so my 3 boxes of cards ended up being less than $6!

The VS gift cards came from Dave's mom and sister.  I had originally bought a blue tshirt with the white circled Sox logo right on the front on the stomach.  After careful thought, I realized I will never want that much attention on my stomach, not even with the baby as an excuse for it's size so I returned it today.  I got a store credit for that.  Add that to my gift cards and I had enough to cover an online purchase.  The MLB and NFL lines are never carried near me because the Dartmouth store and Kingston store are too small and suck buuuuut a $10 off $50 coupon and free shipping made it totally worth it! I am now wiating for these to come in the mail:

I love them, they look SUPER comfy and since no money ever left my bank account I feel FABULOUS about buying them!!

I had posted a few days back about my imaginary shopping spree and yesterday I recieved the Godiva and the (promise of a) massage.  Today I got my Victoria's Secret stuff.  I'd say I'm doing pretty well.

And speaking of shopping, I am getting antsy. I want to order a glider for the room and I'm starting to want to know what I'm having so I can start buying stuff for baby.I'm hoping my shower this weekend will squash that.  I think I just feel underprepared and its forcing me to feel like I need to go out and get stuff.  I know that babies don't need stuff, they just need me and David and love buuuuuut knowing I'm stocked up will help. It's either that or I am just so super amped about the gifts we just recieved that I can't wait for more! That sounds so greedy and horrible but I do need some things and being caught in that limbo of "should I just go buy it or is someone going to give it to me" kind of makes me more antsy.

I think I've been good the past few months.  in the very beginning, I was slightly (okay, extremely) anal and OCD about anything and everything that could happen during my pregnancy and around month 4, I think I relaxed.  I have been relaxed.  I still get nervous about some things but I've learned I am not in control, baby is.  Everything will happen the way baby needs it to.  Why should I stress if I have no control? But now I'm starting to feel like I'm not doing enough.  I'm hoping thsoe feelings are all gone after Sunday but we'll see what happens.

For now I'm going to curl up on my couch with my pups, eating chili, watch Enchanted and ignore the snow that's coming down. <3

Bored & Stolen

A. Age: 25

B. Bed size: Queen for me, my 6'4" husband and the pups.

C. Chore you dislike: taking out the garbage.

D. Dogs: Bailey & Sables, aka the Beast and the Bitch. Sable is a 15 pound daschaund & chihuahua mix.  She is the little princess.  Bailey is part yellow dog, part bear and it my little beast.  She runs into walls but is the best little snugglebug kisser ever.

E. Essential start to your day: Checking my emails and Facebook on my phone in bed.

F. Favorite color: Black. or white. But I wear more black than anything else.

G. Gold or silver: definitely silver...unless it's white gold

H. Height: 5'4"

I. Instruments you play(ed): the flute for like a day and the recorder. Don't judge.

J. Job title: Jack of all trades. I can do just about anything.

K. Kids: First one is on the way! <3

L. Live: everyday <3

M. Mom’s name: Holly

N. Nicknames: Vooch, Giff, Momma Gif

O. Overnight hospital stays: None?

P. Pet peeves: far too many to list... that's a blog for another day.

Q. Quote from a movie: "And I'll bang your tuna girlfriend".

R. Righty or lefty: Righty

S. Siblings: Nick: 22, Derek: 16, Kristian: 14, Abby: 12 They are the loves of my life. <3

T. Time you wake up: by 7am. Every. Day. Boo.

U. Underwear: Under dresses or for bed and ideally, Victoria's Secret Pink Boyshorts <3

V. Vegetables you don’t like: Squash

W. What makes you run late: David. He's convinced he only needs 2 minutes to get ready for anything.

X. X-rays you’ve had: Mouth/Teeth.  I'm super accident prone

Y. Yummy food you make: Cupcakes. Cookies. Ya.

Z. Zoo animal favorites: currently all of them because they fill the baby's room! giraffes, lions, elephants and monkeys, oh my! <3

Is it Christmas?

Yesterday was just one of those really great days.

I woke up, normal time after a COMPLETE night's sleep :) , to a day off.  I have been nonstop lately so I used my time to get the house clean. David had the morning off so we did 4 loads of laundry, rearranged some bedroom furniture, went through our closet (and got rid of a HUGE bag of clothes!), cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, organized the baby's room and had breakfast together!

When he left for work I went to Saver's to drop off our unwanted clothes, went grocery shopping and came home just in time for Kris and my mom to come see our apartment for the first time since David and I moved.  I got to show them everything and I'm pretty sure my mom almost cried when she walked into the baby's room :)

Relaxing with them was great and they brought me a chocolate Godiva spring pop! The very same one I blogged about on my "imaginary shopping trip".  Yey! We went to Kyler's Catch to pick up lobster raviolis and bisque for dinner and they headed back to Plymouth. 

When I got home, Kristen messaged me on facebook and informed me that part of my shower gift is a prenatal massage in May right before the baby comes and it will be her treat! We have been talking about a spa day but with the little one on the way and preparing for leave, I have a hard time spending the money on myself.  So she's paying for my massage and I can justify a manicure.  I've always wanted a pedicure but have never had one soo that may be a splurge as well.

Then the doorbell rang and UPS showed up! he had a package from the Toomey's.  Carol was/is one of my best friends from when I was younger.  You pretty much didnt see me in high school without her close behind.  My little sisters idolized her and our inside jokes made high school so enjoyable.  Well, I loved her mom and very often if I wasn't at my house or Emmy's, I was at Carols. Her mom was one of the handful of women that I looked up to, respected, and viewed as an amazing woman.  I haven't spoken to her since probably high school graduation and when I opened the package, it was two blankets that she had made.  One was a crotcheted blanket and the other was a quilt that she had made with jungle babies and green and white polka dot fabric! She also put the cutest stuffed animal I have ever seen in the box.  It's a Gund baby lamb and it is so soft! David was laughing at me last night because I was laying on the couch, watching Top Chef with the lamb laying across my belly.  It's baby's first toy and who am I to stop the bonding process?? :)

So at this point, I am on a high. I have Godiva, a promise of a maternity massage, and the most amazing thoughtful package I have received lately and UPS comes back!! This time it's the Luv U Zoo Highchair that we had on our registry! The Booths had it shipped to the house so "David has one less thing to unload from the shower"! Love them!

It seriously felt like Christmas today and it makes me so so SO excited for my shower this weekend! I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of people who are as excited about the baby as I am!

March 26, 2011

An Ew, Two Aw's, and a Wedding

So let's start with the Ew.
Two nights ago I got to experience another one of those "let's not talk about it in public" pregnancy symptoms. David was on th computer, I walked up behind him, wrapped my arms around him and kissed the back of his head good night.  He ran his fingers down my arms and I leaked. Ya, gross. I like ran away, once again in tears (I hate this whole crying all the time thing).  It wasn't much, it was like a 1/4" little wet spot right on my tank top over my nipple. David thought it was hilarious, of course, and I obviously hopped right online to find out what was going on.  Good news is that it's completely normal and natural, bad news is that once again I wasn't informed of the weird things that were going to happen to me.  Oh well, maybe this means breastfeeding will be a breeze?!?

Now for the Aw's.
I spent yesterday morning at Westport Primary working with Kindergarteners.  It was a weird situation because the teacher was still there but I was subbing for her.  She had a meeting in the morning and was getting observed later so I was there for when she wasnt.  There was one little boy who is autistic and when he saw me he asked the teacher if I was taking him away.  When she said no, he said hello to me and asked my name.  In the most adorable fashion, he turned to the tecaher and asked "Why is her belly so big? Does she have a baby in her belly?" So I became "Mrs. Gifford with the baby in her belly".  he refused to leave my side.  He wanted to sit at the desk with me, walk down the hall next to me, he stayed with me all of recess and whenever a new teacher would come over he would introduce me... "So and so, this is Mrs Gifford and she has a baby in her belly".  Melted my heart and I can't wait until I have my own little one.

My second aww isn't nearly as cute but still worth sharing because it's a feel good kind of story.  Everyone knows that I LOVE my black stretchy yoga pants from Target.  They have a belly panel and they are seriously the most comfy pants I own.  I bought 2 pairs when they came out because I wore them so much.  Well Bailey and/or Sable decided to eat the crotch out of one of the pairs and I was down to one.  I went to Target, they were gone.  I found A pair on the clearance rack marked down to 9.98 so i was excited.  There was another woman walking around and asked how far along I was, making small talk, and told me her prgenant daughter had sent her for stuff because she had picked out, as her daughter defined them "ugly clothes", and made her return them.  I flet horrible for the woman.  She told me my mom was lucky to have me and my wonderful attitude and then gave me a coupon for $3 off any piece of maternity clothing.  She goes "I'd rather give it to you than my little brat". So I got my favorite pants for 6.98; thanks little brat. :)

And the wedding..
Last night was David's cousin's wedding and we had an amazing time.  I found a dress I loved and David got all spiffy.  They got married at Independence Harbor in Assonet; it was gorgeous, and they were so beautiful.  It was just nice to get dressed up and go out; it's the first time we have as a Mrs & Mr.

But you know what the best part was?  Not the funny stories from his old high school friends or dancing like idiots together but the fact that I was no longer eligible for the bouquet toss! Haha. I always hated that. Like I feel bad enough being single but lets put it on display for everyone... So excited I got to sit that one out and not get called by name to the dance floor...


March 24, 2011

Thursday Update.

I don't know. I think I feel obligated to write more than anything else.
Nothing major has happened, nothing of much worth but I guess in the beginning I said I was going to write even if nothing fun was going on. It will be hard to compete with my last post I guess.

So what's going on in my life?
Spring break is over and it sucked to go back to classes.  They're not hard and maybe that's what makes it so hard.  I have no motivation and because all of my teachers are half-special, they have no assignments due until the last day of class and attendance doesn't matter at all.  How am I supposed to feel motivated,or even obligated, to attend if there's no consequence for not going? Its only a couple more weeks and I know that I will be fine.  I have all the work done but when I have so much going on, it feels like a waste of my time to sit and get lectured by a teacher who doesnt even care if I'm there or not. I have better things to do than sit and pretend to care if no one else does. Whatever, if I pretend to care for 6 more weeks I'm done.

I'm still getting a bunch of calls for Westport but mostly for Morton Middle School in Fall River.  I hated my first day at Henry Lord and vowed I would not go back but I think I;m being stupid for that decision.  Being a sub is harder than being a real teacher.  I know 42 people are going to jump up my ass for that statement but hear me out.  The teacher knows her students and (usually) has the respect from them at the beginning of the class.  A sub is thrown into a new environment everyday and the stduents don't know her.  We all know students test subs to see what they can get away with and I think maybe that was my day at Henry Lord.  Granted Fall River is not the most desirable school district to be in but maybe my day would be different if the stduents knew me, I knew them, and I was more of a presence.  Henry Lord currently has an opening for a fulltime ELA teacher next year and I think I'd be short changing myself if I don't apply.  In the grand scheme of things, what's one year? If I hate it, I got my foot in the door and I can move on and maybe I'll love it when its MY classroom and I'm not just filling in for someone else.  That being said, I am also applying to Plymouth as an ELA teacher because I love Plymouth and if I can get a job that way then david and I will really ahve a reason to move from where we are.  It's comfortable but it's not going to be our forever place and if I can get a teaching job, that's going to be the motive to move.  I reeeeeaallly want to be in a school come Fall but I've been let down so many times by the schools that I doubt I will find one. 

Sometimes I question if I'm supposed to be a teacher.  I know Im supposed to work with kids but you can only take so many rejections before you start to question if maybe you took the wrong path.  i tell myself if its not meant to be then it wont be but it's hard to accept that sometimes.  Part of me hopes that I'll have a teaching job in the fall, not just for the money and stability it would give but because it would give me a set schedule for the baby.  david and I are alreday going to be working opposite schedules but this way, I know I'd have the weekend off to be with him and the little one.  I want it bad; I'm just hoping it works out. Cross your fingers.

Yesterday was a great day.  After working 10 days straight at the restuarant (because of spring break), I needed a day off.  David had training in Framingham and I obviously jumped at the opportunity to head up that way.  He has training from 10-4 so we went up the highway around 8 am, missed all the traffic, had Dunkins and explored B&N for a while.  He bought Where's Waldo books! I loooove it! He was so excited, I've never seen him like that, especially about a book!He went to the theater and I spent the morning wandering around Shopper's World waiting to hear from Krystal about what her and the kids were up to.  I went to their apartment and got to play with the 3 little ones.  I seriously love them and it makes me excited for my own.david had lunch at 12 and he came back to their apartment for pizza and gingerale.  Hannah was adorable and made the cutest comment ever. She goes " I remember David; he's so handsome!"  When he walked in the door, she giggled and hid under the kitchen table yelling 'Handsome, handsome, handsome!!" So, so cute! I spent the afternoon at the Collection doing some shopping and it was actually hard.

Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to shop.  I'm a bargain hunter and I think I get off a bit on completely winning in sales.  For example: David and I went to Old Navy yesterday.  David has put on weight since we got married and he went up a pants size.  Knowing that summer is coming and he will need shorts we went to ON because the plain shorts (that he LOVES) were on sale from 29.50 to 15 a piece. PLUS I had a 30% off my whole order so 5 pairs of shorts and a pair of board shorts later: 58 dollars.  Thats what 2 pairs would have cost! Go me! I need to get an amazing deal to not feel guilty abouts pending the money right now.  I'm so overwhelmed and nervous about maternity leave that it almost makes me question everything I buy.  That being said, I am following suit of a friend and doing some imaginary shopping.  I found myself wanting to buy all of these things at the Collection but I guess putting your child's anticpated needs before your own wants is what makes you a good parent... A child outweighs this whole list but IF I could buy it all, no questions asked, this is what my list would look like:

1.  Godiva chocolates, idealy the milk chocolate pops they made for easter. Only $6 but still too much for me to just purcahse for myself on a normal day.

2. Sperry boat shoes for the summer, these ones specifically. I've tried on about 600 and most come up too far on my foot and makes it look wierd, these are the perfect fit.
3. A massage. I REALLY need one. I don't know why I just don't go get one already but everytime I think about putting $70 down for a maternity massage I think about how many groceries that would buy...

4. The ENTIRE Victoria's Secret Pink line, especially the MLB Red Sox line. I used a gift card from christmas to buy one of tshirts and I am so excited about it but I would LOVE to have the sweatshirt. Ya, check it out here!

5. Headbands. Like the supercrazy, bejeweled, big bow headbands. I didn't like them at first but there was a little store with tons and everyone I put on, I liked more and more. I may invest in a couple... Forever 21 seems to have a couple cheaper ones and they would give some attention somewhere other than my belly!

 Plus, you know, all the baby stuff I want, a vacation with my little family somewhere wonderful, and whetever else my little heart desires....

Oh well, for now I'll be content with my family, my apartment and all the good things coming my way. <3

March 21, 2011

The Shit They Don't Tell You.

Apparently I am going to share one of my most embarrassing moments right now.

Tonight at work, I peed myself. Yep, you read that right. 
I sneezed and I peed.  Not a lot but enough to burst into tears.

Apparently its compeletly normal for a pregnant woman to pee herself because the baby is on bladder and all that jazz but no one told me this.  THANK GOD we wear black pants at Friendlys and THANK GOD again that it happened after 9 pm, with no customers in the restaurant and less than an hour to go until closing.  I literally cried I was so upset.

It's gross and wierd and just awkward.

I'm going to write a book.  Not "What to Expect When You're Expecting" because NOWHERE in that book did it warn me about sneezepeeing, but rather I'll title it "The Shit They Don't Tell You" because you know what? I'm not getting hemmeroids and weird cravings like the book said I would.  I'm not moody or gaining 2 to 3 pounds a week like the book sad but instead I'm sneezepeeing.

But I'm crazy enough to laugh it off and share my story with the world because I'mnot ashamed of my accident.  I'm more upset that no one told me to expect this so in true Heather fashion, enjoy...

March 19, 2011


Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in a while.  I had taken the day off but volunteered to work 6:30-12:30 to cover Carol's shift.  I ended up leaving at 12, went to the store and found a pair of gray heels to go with the dress I bought for Jocelyn's wedding next Friday! Yey! Oh and did I mention they were clearanced at 9.99 and had an extra 30% off all clearance so they were 7 bucks! Even better!

I also got a text from Old Navy for 30% off my whole purchase.  I'm not going to be in maternity clothes forever so I've been looking at all the flowy tops and tank tops that I can wear while prego and afterwards while my body readjusts.  I went to the mall and bought 8 new shirts for the spring.  It started at $73 but after sale prices it was $42 and with my bonus 30%, it was a whopping $29!!! Im so good sometimes that I disgust myself.  I visited David at work and a priving error at Stop and Shop's gas pump got me gas for $3.33 a gallon. Still disgusting but less disgusting than the 3.47 it should have been.

Add in naptime with the puppies and the day was already amazing by 3 pm.  But it wasn't over yet.  I had plans at 6 in Bridgewater to reunite with some Belize travelers for dinner.  Since I was heading up there I wanted to go up early to stop at the Middleboro and Bridgewater Friendly's.  Gail, at Mboro has been asking me constantly on Facebook when I was going to come in so she could see the bump so I figured I'd cross my fingers that she was there. Of course, I got there at 5 and she wasn't scheduled until 6 so I went up 18.  I stopped at Cake in a Box to get a Guinness cupcake for David (since yesterda was the last day for them, being the week of St. Pattys) and went to Bwater Friendlys.  The GM's have to work either a midshift, like 11-8 or 12-9, or close so I knew if I went around 5, Chris would be there.. I LOVE Chris.  She was in Mboro with me, shes the reason I started working in Bwater, ya, and I havent seen her since I left that store in November.  So needless to say it was amazing to see her.

Dinner at Barrett's was delicious and it was wonderful seeing people I had such amazing memories with in Belize.  It's crazy to think thats where I was 4 years ago and how different my life is since then.  Tony, one of my favorite grownups ever, commented that hes amazed at much I've changed and how much better of a spot I am now than I was then.  4 years ago I was pregnant, 4 years ago, I lived in a dorm, I lost the baby and I had a nonexistent relationship that sucked.  I dropped out of school and couldn't even shower in the morning; I had no motivation for anything at all.  Now I'm close to finishing grad school, am married, have a baby on the way and the most supportive and amazing husband and family that I could ever ask for.  I am truely happy being where I am, although I appreciate where I was to get to here.

I stopped at Friendlys (again) on the way home and Gail was there! After a quick ice cream sundae with Fallyn, I was on my way home. 

Now Im going to get personal agian so if you don't wanna read about my sex life, skip ahead, or stop reading, whatever. 

I have hit that point where I feel gross, like too gross for sex.  I feel better than I ever thought I would pregnant, I feel good, but I dont feel attractive.  It's a different sort of good. Like an accomplishment, acheivement, or something bigger than me good but I hate looking at myself naked right now.  My stomach is huge, I have stretch staples I call them.. not a big line but like purple spots on my belly. Eww. Couple that with feeling bloated and a bit of excess gas, being uncomfortable laying on my back and yea, sex isnt really happening. David and I are still intimate, showers, back rubs, etc but thats it.  It obviously makes me a little edgy/nervous because how crappy of a wife would I be? Guys like sex and if you're not giving it...  I know David would never cheat on me. I am 110% sure of that fact but its something to stress over so I figure why not...

.... I curled up in bed content last night.  Happier than a day I can remember lately.  Not that I am unhappy but yesterday was just especially happy.  I'm a very lucky person. <3

March 15, 2011


So I know that I've made comments before that I have been CRAVING a watermelon margarita.  My craving has gone crazy though... I want anything watermelon: watermelon Fruit Sensation gum, watermelon sherbert, actual watermelon. 

Sunday night I bought a baby watermelon at the store and I just cut it up. Cut up a fresh pineapple and 2 kiwis and made a little fruit salad! he's very lucky that I am "in season" for the watermelon or he would be screwed...

So my weird pregnancy cravings are up to 2:
- watermelon
- McD's chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce

I guess it could be worse...

Happiness & Reassurance

I had a very busy weekend.  Mostly work but busy nonetheless. I won't bore you with my crappy details but I will give you the highlights...

1. I went to work on Friday night, pulled out my serving book and found $131 dollars from last Saturday that I never took out and was pleasently surprised to find! I know its not "free money" but it sure felt like it!

2. On Saturday, while I was at work, Mom called me to let me know that our family friends Stephanie and Jim had 2 tickets to Elton John that they could not use.  Elton is David's FAVORITE ever.  He would joke about us naming our first child Elton. He's serioously obsessed.  He had the day off because he was at Lakey's house doing their fantasy baseball draft.  He was so excited when I called him, he called my mom and an hour later he was in the restuarant to kiss me and say thank you/bye.  not only did he get free tickets but then they ended up upgrading his seats to the floor! The traffic was so bad leaving that Lakey and David ducked into the first bar they could find and ordered a few drinks.  After that, they relaized they were sitting in a gay bar (or so they say, I'm pretty sure they knew ahead of time). He had an aamzing night and was acting like a little kid showing me all of his pictures and telling me stories.  I love that he was able to have such a wonderful night.

3. I know everyone has read my posts about how much a despise one of my managers.  She's not very bright and seriously should not be in a position of power above me or get paid more than I do but whatever, she's gone now. Yesterday was her last day.  Walking into work last night (to cover her shift) was easily the most relaxing shift I've ever worked.  I seriously enjoy my job now and I don't stress about having to deal with her. AMAZING weight lifted off my shoulders.

So that's 3 really great things that made my weekend...

Yesterday I went to Tobey for my Gestational Diabetes Screening.  You have to drink 12 oz of this orange drink in less than 5 minutes, wait and hour and then draw blood to see how you and the baby are processing it.  The drink tasted like one of those super sweet teeny juice drinks that you used to LOVE when you were a little kid.  The coldness and the sugar, having to consume it that quickly gave me a headache so I wandered up to the maternity waiting room (they have couches), grabbed a maagzine and snuggled up for the hour.  They took four tubes of blood and I was on my way.  When I left the hospital it was snowing!

Time out.
Ok so before I can go on, I have to backtrack.  My friend Jenny is also pregnant.  Her due date passed last week and she had no complications whatsoever during her entire pregnancy.  There was no sign of stress on the baby and the doctors said she was good and if she didn't go into labor they would induce her this week.  Well she went into labor, sat through 10 hours of it, had to have a last minute c-section, ended up having to go to the ICU because her pulse was raised and the baby and her were seperated.  BUT everythign was fine going into labor.  So obvioulsy it made me nervous.  Anytime someone tells me a horror story about labor and think "please God, not me" and  was a little on edge going to my GDS test.

Ok... back to the snow...

It was snowing as I left the hospital. In the middle of March.  With no forecast at all saying we would be getting snow.  Meredith, who you've read about before Loved crazy weather.  Snow, rain, hurricanes, you name it.  There was a blizzard on her birthday and torrential rain on the memorial of her passing.  She does crazy things with the weather up there in the sky. Well I am convinced the snow was from her.  I needed reassurance and she gave it to me.  Call it a coincidence, call it crazy but I'll call it reassurance.

March 11, 2011

A scattering of thoughts.

So today was a half day at Westport Elementary for me.  Pretty awesome.  I work at Friendly's later tonight and even that is just a 5-8 so it hopefully wont be anything crazy. I say hopefully because the world knows that Friendly's will always set you up to be pissed off.  If I'm off at 8, I usually leave at 9 and since I have plans to meet friends tonight, I'm sure something will happen and I won't be out until 11. Whomp whomp.

Today has been good though. I was very scared this morning.  Nick was supposed to leave Korea on 3/11 (aka today) and this morning I woke up to some terrible news about an earthquake and a tsunami hitting Japan. Now, I get my geography skills from my mom so I have included a map for everyone else who is as silly as me...

Nick is/was stationed in South Korea and it is extremely close to Japan.  I find it hard to believe that an 8.9 earthquake would not effect surrounding areas. 

He had his cell phone turned off when he left because he didn't want to pay for roaming charges, etc. so this morning sucked when i realized I couldn't even call him to check on him.  I of course called Mom.  I have to say, I was AMAZED at how calm she was. She said herself "If I'm calm, everyone should be" :)

Nick did get in touch with mom and she texted to let me know.  Because of the 14 hour time difference, he left on March 11th Korean time, which was March 10th our time.  The Tsunami that just happened, even though its March 11th am here, it was close to midnight on March 11th Korean time.  So Nick had left hours earlier. Did you follow that? If you didn't, oh well, the only thing you need to know is that my brother is home safe in the US <3

We also got our tax rebate in today.  It is already safely stored in our savings account to cover my maternity leave :D  Yikes, I know.  We're already playing that game... Thankfully we have AMAZING insurance so all of mine and baby's check up and our hospital stay will be covered, provided we don't have any major complications.  I've gone into hoarding mode, stocking up on Herbal Essence, Proglide Razors, and laundry detergent so I don't have to worry about those things come leave.  I'm clipping my coupons and checking for sales so we can be uberprepared for 2 months of me not working.  Thanks to a sale and coupons, I bought 7 bags of dog treats and a 20 lb bags of puppy chow for $18 yesterday. That's what I'm talking about :)

Speaking of the puppies, we called and made their "Puppy Hotel Reservations" for April Vacation.  David and I will be taking a 'babymoon' in April to P-Town.  We had looked at Newport because we won't be going away for our one year anniversary; I'm sure we'll be snuggled up watching a movie with the baby. Nannie offered us her time share in PTown for the week of April vacation and we will be joining her, my mom and my sisters for a few nights.  We can't justify a whole week off a month and a half before the baby is due but we will be going from Monday-Thursday so we can be around to work the weekends which are usually pretty busy.  We figure with April vacation, PTown will still be busy and since David's never been to PTown I figure it will be a lot of fun to walk him around.  I did order a special off of LivingSocial, a sunset lighthouse cruise around PTown Harbor.  I figure even though we will be going with my family, we need to have a little bit of 'couple time'.  I'm afraid that once the baby comes, we wont have any of that time at all for us.  I know that sounds selfish but it does scare me to hear horror stories about people who had babies and end up hating each other because they lose that facet of their relationship.  I'm not scared that we will but I want to capitalize on the time we do have.  I don't remember the last time I got to go away with my family and I am very excited to have the opportunity to "run away" with David and them for a few nights.  The puppies will be staying at the Plymouth Animal Hospital while we're gone and we called and had it confirmed today which makes it official!

And since I'm on the "lets be selfish" kick, I CAN NOT wait for my baby shower!! We have the crib set up, the dresser, the bookcase, and I desperately want to start putting stuff on the walls and getting things sorted out.  Ya, I'm a brat, I know, but I am so excited about baby.  I am so proud of myself for NOT buying anything at Babies R Us last night when I was out.  I did buy stuff to make favors for our "friends" shower.  Ps. I am having two showers, did I mention this?  My mom is doing the more formal, stereotypical baby shower with my family and really close friends and our godfather is hosting a shower the following weekend which will be completely nontraditional with boys, drinking, and just our friends. :) I can not wait until we have pictures on the wall and the bed sheets in the crib.

And finally, I PICKED OUT THE CRIB SET I WANT!! I know this is crazy and I don't know why I had such a hard time.  I went back and forth with a couple of different ones and finally found the Luv U Zoo collection crib set but its not for sale yet.  Most of the "safari" or "zoo" prints have an ugly animal print or its just brown and green and too subdued for me.  I want brighter colors and fun looking animals.  Well, last night at Babies R Us there was randomly a crib set sitting in the diapers.  It was no where else in the whole store so I grabbed a scan gun and got it.  I love it.  It's the perfect combination of the more muted brown and green that David wants and the fun animals that I want but it's not just brown and green, there are more pops of color... 

It's on my registry at Babies R Us and now I just cross my fingers!! Yikes, I wrote a lot.. I'm sorry. I guess it's just a really great day to share!

March 9, 2011

Don't read this one... It's about sex.

Today was my 7 month check up. Y, I'm starting my 7th month.  12 more weeks after this (provided the little one comes when he/she is supposed to). It was a bit of a shock because I had to make all my remaining appointments until my due date and had to start discussing my birth plan.  YIKES!!

It's crazy.  Things I had never even thought of: do I want the baby cleaned before the doctor gives he or she to me? Do I want the baby rooming with me or in the nursery? Should the nurses be allowed to give a binky?  Do I want to most of the labor at home? Or do I want to be in the hospital for most of the labor? Whose going to be in the room with me? What types of pain relief will I be using?

I don't know it's just a whole lot more questions I need to figure out now... On top of that, my doctor told me I need to start thinking about packing for the hospital (in case the baby comes early) and get our affairs in order for the pups should we need to get out of the house and to the hospital quickly. It's just weird to think of.  I felt like I had forever before the little one was coming and the past 6 months have flown by.  It's so soon; I'm getting nervous.  We still need to get the nursery set up, have our baby shower(s) and I need to talkto work about my plans for after my leave. 

My doctor is wonderful.  I go to Triad OB and its a rotating 4 doctors so that I can know all of them so no matter who is on call when I go into labor, I will know the doctor.  Well, this one kind of forward.  I guess that's the best way to say it.  I'm laying on the ultrasound table with my shirt up and my belly sticking out and he goes "So, how's the sex life still? Have you hit that bump where it ends?" Now, David and I are pretty open about our sex life. Hell, we got pregnant after six weeks of being married; it happens and everyone knows it.  Now this doctor has given me an internal, rubs jelly on my belly every couple weeks, but I feel awkward talking to him about sex. 

No one talks about sex, especially not sex while pregnant.  I've read just about every book there is on pregnancy and what to expect and all I got out of them is "It's healthy but you want to stop after week 36."  No one says "Hey, baby kicking during it is weird as hell". Oh wait, my doctor says its the baby yelling "HI DAD!!!" Weird, right? I don't want to think of a little thing in their while we're having sex. I know it's in there but I don't think about it.  I don't know, one day I'm going to write a book on pregnant sex and then maybe people won't make it so weird for everyone else. 

Makes me wonder what else they don't tell you while you're pregnant...

March 8, 2011


I know I've said it before but it's very hard for me keep up with some of the friendships I used to have.  I'm booked solid, constantly, when I'm not I'm exhausted.  I'm not complaining about my schedule. Personally, I love it and I'm pretty sure it's why I havent ballooned to 300 pounds. 

If I sub that day, I'm working Monday through Friday from 7-3ish. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I have class from 4-6:30.  I waitress on Friday from 5 to 8 or 5 to 9, waitress 12-8 or 4-9 on Saturday nights and manage from 6:30 until about 3 or 4 on Sundays.  If I want to go out it's usually happening on a Sunday or Monday night, otherwise I'm really not able to.

It makes it hard to set up plans because I dont want to call someone and be like "Hey, lets grab dinner, oh but I'm only free on Sunday and Monday after 5".  That's obnoxious for the person on the other end.  No one has those times off, they have weekends off but I enjoy my work weekends, keeps me busy and my wallet full.

If by some strange chance I do get a weekend night off, I really can't go to the club or pull an all nighter after a bar. I'm concerned about sound levels, I can't drink, and anything past 10:30 or 11 at night and I'm garbage.  Very few of my friends are where I am in my life and I don't want to make them have a crappy time just becuase I need to be more careful with where I put myself lately. 

It's hard.  Very hard. To go on facebook and see pictures of all my friends at a bar or dancing at a club and then being told "Well we didn't invite you because we know it's not your thing"... sucks.  I miss my friends and I miss just being able to relax and hang out.  I seriously think I remind myself of how I was when I was like 16. My ideal "fun times" are going to the mall to shop, have people over for tacos, vegging watching a movie with friends, or going exploring of some place new.  Unfortunelty for me, most people my age would rather hit a bar, go to a club, grab a late night drink, or get dressed up and go all out.  I love that about my friends, it's just not what I need right now.

All of that being said, last night was wonderful.  I went to my friend, and old co-workers, Amanda's house.  She lives in New Bedford and has an 18 month old.  Fallyn, one of my bridesmaids, also went over.  David went to school with Amanda's husband Caleb and honestly, they are just hilarious to be around.  So 3 of us, a husband, and a little one.  We just talked all night.  I got there at 5 and didn't leave until 11.  Fallyn made baked shells and we sat and ate and talked all night.  I havent been so relaxed and happy with friends in a long time.  It was effortless.  They weren't doing the "uggggh, when's the pregnant one going to leave so we can drink?" or dropping the "well, this is fun but I really wish we could have gone to a bar"...

I do not resent or regret getting pregnant. Not for a single moment of my life. I love it. I love everything about my little one and can not wait 12 more weeks until I meet the little guy or girl. However, I am very thankful that I have friends like Amanda and Fallyn who reminded me that I shouldn't have to apologize for being pregnant.  No one is forcing you to be my friend and if my busy schedule and new set of values doen't work for you, then I guess you should go find some new friends at the bar.

I had to be the first to grow up, give up things, and focus on a life besides my own. Crazy nights out are now quiet nights in. I wear sweat pants instead of skinny jeans, and slippers instead of stillettos.  I take naps and wake up every three hours to pee.  I get to sit home and worry until my loved one comes home safe from roads filled with drunk drivers. This is all now part of my job description. Acknowledge it, respect it, and appreciate it because I'm giving these crazy changes 100%. It's not easy, but it's worth it ♥

March 6, 2011

Mary Poppins, American Girl & Babies R Us

So let me preface this post by saying that I am completely avoiding my annotated bibliography right now.  Honestly, I'm fine with it.

I haven't written since Thursday because I was afraid I would give away the secret... Back up, right? What secret?

Read ***THIS*** and then come back to me; I'll wait.

Ok, caught up? Great.

So this was the weekend to make dreams come true.  My aunt told my cousin Destiny that the two of them needed to come to Boston to go for some financial aide paperwork for the hospital.  They had to come up in person and fill it out so that Children's could see that Destiny and my aunt are legitimate about making a commitment to Children's even though they live in PA. Destiny was told that they were coming up on Friday and would stay to visit family until Sunday night.  That's all she knew.  I even laughed to myself when I saw her Facebook Friday morning saying "On the train to Boston" and everyone commenting "praying for you" because I actually knew why she was coming up here.

Destiny asked for 3 things when she found out about the lump: to see Mary Poppins performed, to go to the American Girl doll store, and to go to Greece.  Well I can't pull off Greece but my mom is amazing so she did her thing.

We met up with Destiny and Therese in Boston, across the street from the Opera House.  they were having dinner at Quizno's after the train ride and when we walked in, Destiny was thrilled.  She thought other members of our family were going to pick her up.  We put their bags in my moms car and suggested we walk around the city since they were here.  My mom, being sneaky goes "What do you want to do; we can do whatever you feel like?"  And Destiny, being an 11 year old girl does the "I don't know" so mom counters her with "Anything in the world, and you can't think of what you want to do??" At this point we are across the street from the Opera House (with the HUGE Mary Poppins posters all over it), walking towards it and Destiny shrugs her shoulders and comments "I wish we could see Mary Poppins".  My mom and my aunt's faces light up so I go "hey, you know what? I actually have tickets in my bag for that show... you really want to go because we can".  The look on her face was amazing. Just pure happiness. I was able to get a picture of her just beaming and I felt like the most amazing person in the world in that moment. 

There's a saying I once heard:

Don't give until it hurts, give until it feels good.

All sexual innuendos aside, it's a really wonderful quote and made me smile.  yes, I missed work on Friday to go and I spent gas money to go that I didn't need to but the joy in her face far outweighed any paycheck I ever will see.

Mary Poppins was amazing. Wonderful. Incredible. And honestly it's in the bottom 25% of my Disney movie rankings.  I like some parts of the movie but I don't own it and if you know me and my Disney movies, that's saying something.  But honestly I enjoyed it.  It didn't follow the movie line but it was completely captivating. No one moved the whole performance because they were afraid to miss something.  There really are no words for it but if you get the opportunity to see it, you absolutely should.

I spent the night at my moms after the play. Without David. Which was weird. The last time we spent a night apart was his bachelor party. I missed him and curled up in my little sister's bed with my cell phone attached to my head saying good night.  It was weird but nice to know I could be away and not stress out about it.  I love him.

The next morning, we were off to the Natick Collection to go t the American Girl store because that was also on Destiny's wish list and the only 2 stores I know of are in NYC and Natick.  Off we went and after parking, a (not so) quick detour into Crate and Barrel  which resulted in new pans, lime salsa and lemon cookie mix, we were in the bright red store filled with small girls and dads holding small dolls. I actually enjoyed myself, you know, putting cupcake props on to of the dolls heads, rearranging dolls so they'd touch each others bums.. normal stuff really.  It was quick because we had to get my aunt and cousin to my other cousins house and get back down the highway so I could be to work for 5.

Driving down Rt 3, my mom pulled off the highway and pulled int the biggest Babies R Us I have ever seen in Braintree. Now, I am excited about this baby and I LOVE shopping and looking at baby stuff but it was like 132 times better with my mom and my sisters.  Every cute thing got held up and I found the decorations I want for our nursery (since we cant paint) and it was just amazing.  Mom bought me a few gifts that I have to forget about until the shower (next month!!) but just spending that hour with them, looking at everything, getting excited about different seats and blankets and clothes was amazing.  We kept doing the "if it;s a boy, you should get this..." or (mostly) "We HAVE to buy this if it's a girl!".  My sister gravitated towards tutus and everything pink and sparkly.  If it is a girl, my sister will probably give her a coach bag and zebra print leggings.  I'm so happy.  It seems so silly but to know my family is so excited makes a huge difference to me.  This baby is going to be so lucky having the aunts, uncles and grandmother that it's going to. <3

And finallly.....


....was a birthday present sent to my by my friend Jess!! A cupcake pan and carrying case from Crate & Barrel! Seriously in love and the fact that she would randomly send it makes me smile so much.  Her and I don't see each other nearly as much any more and since she no longer has her Facebook, staying in touch is harder than ever. I'm super happy to know I have such amazing friends who don't forget about me just because I'm not always around. <3

March 3, 2011

1st Delivery Attempt Notice.

Today has been normal: went to school, did some grocery shopping, etc. But when I got home there was a notice from UPS.

1st Delivery Attempt.
Will try again Friday between 2pm-5pm or After 5 pm.
Package from: Crate and Barrel

What?? I thought it was going to be the dress I had ordered online for Jocelyn's wedding in a couple weeks, not Crate & Barrel.  I ordered something from them a couple weeks ago, but I already got that package...

So I became a detective... and looked at the UPS site.  It is definately from Crate and Barrel but it was ordered on March 2nd, aka YESTERDAY! which means it was definately not ordered by me. I obviously called David to see if it was him and it's not. He told me he would accept responsibility if I love it but otherwise, he has no idea where it came from. 

 So I called C&B's customer service and since I don't have an order number and it wasn't done from my email, I have no way of validating myself so they wont tell me anything.

So I have NO IDEA who sent this or what's in it. Hmm... any idea? Was it you? What did you get me?

March 2, 2011


It's March, seriously, March.

Does that scare the hell out of anyone else?

March is weird to me. I don't know; I knew it was coming but it came reeeeeeally fast.  March means midterms are coming up. March means I hit the 7 month mark.  It's the beginning of Spring and it feels like crunch-time.

March means my classes end in 2 months, 9 weeks and one of those weeks is spring break.

March means that I am officially 6 and half months pregnant and hit the 7 month mark in the middle of this month. My baby shower is in a month. A Month! Oh goodness! I remember talking to mom and thinking we were planning so early and we'd be completely ready by the time it was here and now, there's a month left.  Still a long time but you know what I mean.

I've known I'm pregnant for 5 months now.  5 MONTHS!

I know I'm pretty much just freaking out about the date but it's scary.  May is in 2 months and baby can come anytime then.  Lots of baby's come early and I want to be ready just in case. 2 months does not seem like much time considering 5 just flew by. 

3 More Books.

I read three more books for the 50 Book Challenge! I'm still using the books I need to for my school assignemnts but I can not wiat until May when class is over and I can read whatever I feel like.

Most people are famniliar with Devil's Arithmetic and Catcher In The Rye so I wont waste time with those but you absolutely MUST go read Stargirl.  It's a middle school level book (because that's what I'm studying...) about a girl who moves into town, starts at a new high school, is ridiculed for her behaviors, changes who she is to fit in, and ultimately changes back to be true to herself.  It's a heartwarming little story told from the persepctive of the boy who falls in love with her.  I read it in a day, without any issues; it's a quick read but seriously makes you question: Are you who you want to be?

40 in 4 - Thanks Corona

I know my 40 in 4 won't end completely successfully, especially since coronavirus has shut down so much of what I wanted to do (goodbye ...


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