The Busy Giffs: Unpacked.

February 16, 2011


I just unpacked the last box. I am amped. My degree is hanging on the wall, our beautiful drinkware os displayed on the bookcase and the baby's room only has baby stuff in it.  It's amazing. It actually looks like we live here. It's comfortable, like we're supposed to be.  There's been a bunch of little things that have happened this past week and I'd like to take a minute to share them regardless of how trivial they may seem.

1. We met our neighbor in the next building over.  They have a 3 month old and are about our age so it will be nice to have that right there as the baby gets older.  The funny part is that she knows a friend of mine from high school/Friendlys and that's why she came to say hi to me.

2. We have a crib! It arrived last Friday but to our old apartment. By the time we were able to get into our old building to retrieve it and get it to our new place, it was Monday.  It's still sitting in the box in the baby's room.  I am super excited and want to build it but I am afraid of doing things too early and having something bad happen.  Im sure its not good to have that mindframe but when do you stop worrying and just get excited? I'm at the 6 month mark baby could survive if something happens with lots of help from doctors and in just a couple weeks baby has a 90% survival rate if something does happen and he or she is born early but am I being too paranoid? Maybe its my history but I am constantly scared somethign could happen. All my doctors visits have been fine and I can feel the little one flipping around and kicking so he or she feels healthy enough... I guess I'm torn between being superstitious and overexcited.

3. I have an interview in Wareham today. Scratch that, I HAD an interview in Wareham today but because the Pricipal had a death in the family I wont be having it until after February vacation. Oh well. If it's meant to be, it will be.

4. My birthday is coming up; it's actually on Monday. :)  I am having a birthday party.  When I was younger I had the best birthdays. The bowling alley was key. I had a couple parties there. 
(ya, we stole bowling shoes this year...)

One year we all hung out at my house and all wore Bear in the Big Blue House hats because thats what Derek and Kristian picked out. 

When I was 13, my mom rented out a hall, had a DJ and like 50 kids were invited.  Mom told me that was my big party and not to expect one at 16. 

At 16, I had one just like it. :) 

Had a fraternity/sorority mixer birthday party one night that was tied into a sports themed mixer.... My 21st was insane. 

I lived on campus and I dont think I did a thing that whole week expect drink and sleep.  I had just lost my first pregnancy and I used my 21st as a coping method.  Needless to say, I only lasted another month in school and then dropped out.  The following year my mom hosted a dinner at Fridays with a couple of my friends and I loved it.  I had just gone brunette, been dumped by Matthew and needed my friends. I havent done anything else since. 

I stayed in last year and David and I watched a movie.  I always make it a point to go to my mom's for birthday dinner, which I get to pick out, but otherwise, I feel like I'm getting too old to go to a bar and drink for my birthday (and with a baby on the way, that would be dumb).  But this year, it's my 25 and we wanted to do something crazy.  We had started planning vegas way back in August but being 6 months pregnant in Vegas didnt seem like super fun so we toned it down to Mohegan Sun on Saturday night. Jimmy Buffett is my favorite so dinner will be happening at Margaritaville and then it will be playtime all night! david rented a room for the ngiht so we can relax and we have the puppies being boarded in Westport so it will be a nice little night out for us! I am very excited.

Last ngiht David informed me that in addition to Mohegan he bought me a present! An e-reader! I've always been on the fence about them,, I like real books but the convenience of an ereader seems wonderful and I am so excited.  He ordered it online and it should be in on Monday or Tuesday-- I cant wait!! I'll let you know how an avid book lover feels about an electronic one...

I geuss that's it. I feel like I have so much going on but I guess not. Oh well. I'm unpacked, moved in, settled into my school work and completely excited for this weekend so I'm pretty happy. <3

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  1. Heather you will love the e-reader I have the kindle and its amazing. I am a huge book reader, I honestly love everything about books and will pretty much read anything I can get my hands on. I had the same reservations you did about the fact that well I'm old fashioned and I just love books and searching for them but once I had the kindle I did indeed fall in love with the absolute convenience, now I wont be getting yelled at for my boxes and boxes with nowhere to store (because I do reread books) now they're all conveniently stored in this slim little device, totally awesome!! plus its alot less heavy in my purse!! (yes I always carry a book) Also if you're not feeling well but just want to curl up with a new book you dont have to go anywhere to search for one, its amazing!! I will say I will still buy books I love them and the expirience of being at a bookstore to me is the most relaxing expirience in the world but I sure do love the convenience the world of technology has now offered us book lovers :-)


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