The Busy Giffs: Halfway House.

February 6, 2011

Halfway House.

To many people, the term halfway house means a place for people with limited or no income to stay. Its often just a bed and a meal. That's how my "apartment" feels; like a halfway house. It feels incomplete right now.

I'm currently sitting on the floor in the apartment I've shared with David since last February. Yep, sitting on the floor because our couch is already in our new apartment. Along with our dining room table, a bunch of bookshelves and about 10 totes worth of crap. 

I'm sitting with my tv, on the floor, because the stand has already gone, the dining room chairs, even though the table is gone, and a pile of laundry that needs to be done. neither apartment is complete because half of everything is somewhere else. I actually really hate it.

I hate how useless I am. I was exhausted after going up and down the stairs the ten or so times that I did. baby started kicking up a storm and I had to relax.  I filled my car once and got it to the new place before the sun set and I felt like I had accomplished nothing.  The dressers, all of our clothes and our bed are still in this apartment so this is where we'll be staying I guess. David has tomorrow off and I am DESPERATELY praying that he can move those things while I'm at work tomorrow. I seriously wish I could take tomorrow off and just move. It would be so helpful. But its the first day at Fall River and this could be it so I cant take a chance and stay home.  I'll get it all moved eventually.  Ill probably have a stress attack before its all moved but we have both sets of keys until Monday so I guess I need to calm down.

But we all know I suck at that so it looks like I'm going to push off my paper for yet another night (it's not due until Tuesday) so I can put together some more boxes/piles of stuff to get moved over tomorrow.

Next time, I'm hiring movers.

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