The Busy Giffs: Deal #2.

February 24, 2011

Deal #2.

So last night after class, I went to Walmart. I was picking up a gift that we had site-to-store'd.  But me, being the super frugal person I am, decided I would look at the clearance stuff in the baby section.  I know I need to wait for the shower before I really start shopping but I've gotten amazing deals on the crib, the stroller, and the car seat that I figure if I'm spending less than half of what it normally is, I might as well get it and save everyone the extra cash.

Also, everyone knows we are going neutral, sticking to a co-ed jungle/safari/zoo theme with lots of animals and colors.  So when I'm looking at Walmart clearance, I see this adorable crib set that is exactly that... called Safari Friends by Lil Kids.  Normally $100, clearanced out for $80.  However, because our Walmart is kind of special they had put a sticker for $12.88 on it. I figured why not, let's see what happens.  I'm not going to kick a gift horse in the mouth. And I figure if they said "Oops, wrong sticker, it wasn't meant to be" and I wouldn't think another thing about it. But the stars have seemed to align for all my other baby purchases, I figured why not.

I bring it up to the register, the associate scans it and it rings in at, not $12.88, but $5.00.  Seriously? She doesn't even give it a second look, just bags it right up. Part of me thinks she's a moron and the other part of me thinks she's amazing.

So lets total this up:

2 Travel systems- 2 strollers, 2 car seats & 2 car seat bases @ 35.99 each
(1 stroller for us, 1 for my mom; 2 car seat bases for mine & David's cars and we're still   figuring out what to do with the extra car seat... maybe we'll sell it and get some of our money back...)
1 crib set @ 5.00
1 crib and mattress at 107.00 (regularly $158 for the crib & $50 for the mattress)

... prices like this & I could seriously LOVE baby shopping!

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