The Busy Giffs: 22 weeks.

February 1, 2011

22 weeks.

So its snowing. Again. Oh well. Had a 7:30 am ultrasound and the was going to go sub. Subbing got cancelled because of snow- yey paid day!- so David came with me again to see the little one. The first thing we saw was the valves of the heart going which was our biggest concerns last time because although we could see the heart beat, we couldn't get a good picture of the valves. Speaking of last time, once again, the little one laid on its belly the whole time and refused to cooperate. We still stand by the fact that we do not want to know, however, even if we had wanted to know, we still wouldn't be able to. This baby wants to be a surprise no matter what.

Its incredible what a difference 2 weeks makes as far as being able to see the little one.

I am going to try and post baby updates here only, rather than on Facebook as well.  I know my pregnancy is uncomfortable for some and I really want to do whatever I can to limit "in your face-ness" about the little one. We still have a long way to go and I'm sure I'll have a many updates as we build the nursery.

Speaking of nursery, we finally know where we are going. :)
After discussing finances with David, considering our emergency vet visit, we've decided that moving to Wareham is not the smartest idea right now. Where we are is comfortable and we know exactly what our expenses are.  We are however still moving within the complex.  We will be moving to a ground floor unit so I don't have to deal with the stairs as much.  When we went to go check out the unit, there was a Barbie jeep parked inside the front door so I'm already pretty excited that there's kids (somewhere) in our new building. After talking to Nicole, the front office woman, about what the maintenance guys still need to do to clean up the other unit, we talked about moving dates.  The painters go in today and the new carpets go in on Thursday and Friday so David and I can pick up keys on Monday (February 7th) and start moving.  They will give us until the following Monday (February 14th) to turn in our keys from where we are currently.

Its the exact same set up, except mirror imaged because we'll be on the other side of the building.  We'll have a walk out slider, and our back window will face the residential neighborhood rather than Rt 140.  There is a HUGE field in front of the apartment and because we have a ground floor unit, we can invest in a grill. :)

Now that means as much packing as possible between now and Monday and if anyone is interested in helping us move, pleeeeeeeeaase let me know. I'm pretty useless as far as lifting goes and as long as I actually have class at some point this semester (and they stop getting cancelled because of snow) I'll be booked up Tuesday-Friday nights on top of subbing as much as possible. Since Friendly's owns my weekends, I really don't know when I'll get to do much :/

To finish on a VERY happy note, my mom is awesome.
A month ago, or so, I started a layaway for baby furniture because its one of those things I can actually do and honestly I don't expect people to spend hundreds of dollars on furniture. No one likes to buy that stuff, they want to buy the cute receiving blankets and onsies with sayings on them (please don't). Plus if I get the earlier I can get them set up and feel like I'm prepared, even though we all know I wont be.  Well,  a crib (no mattress), a glider, a changing table, and a dresser came out to about 500 which I really thought was a wonderful deal-- hence why I did the layaway at that time. At breakfast one morning, mom gave us some money to put towards it so if I needed to take a day off or was struggling, it was still paid for. Ya, shes wonderful and I love her. Weeeeeeell, flash forward and she texts me about a baby sale at Target with a crib that comes with a mattress for $125! Plus I get my 15% AAA discount on and 2% goes into the Baby's 529 Upromise account. Oh wait and free shipping?? I bought a crib and mattress for $107! ( I know, I'm so frugal!!) And technically since that's about what mom gave me for the layaway, SHE bought us a new crib!  I want to buy so much stuff because its baby sale time (ps. my registry is done if you wanna save some money-- hehe, jk. don't yet.) but I know I should just wait because my house will be full come April when I have my showers.
Plus she bought us this! Its a fabulous baby sleeper/rocker/seat/anything you need it to be! I cant wait until we move and I get to start setting stuff up for the little one's arrival.

It's so funny, if you had asked me two years ago about how I'd feel about being pregnant it would not have been the same response you're reading now. I guess it really just takes the right person to make you want it all. <3

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