The Busy Giffs: The true reason for the blog.

January 5, 2011

The true reason for the blog.

My newest Bucket List

1. Go on a cruise
2. Buy a house
3. Have a baby
4. Start a blog... and keep it for 30 days.
5. Get a job teaching
6. Go on a safari in Africa
7. Go to Disney with my child
8. Go to London
9. Go to Atlantic City
10. See a show on Broadway
11.Eat at Sonic
12. Run a 5k
13. Go to Austrailia
14. Visit the Grand Canyon
15. Put my toes into ocean water in California
16. Ride in a hot air balloon
17. Visit all the MLB stadiums
18. Visit the Amazon rainforest
19. Visit Rome
20. Visit Egypt
21. Climb the Statue of Liberty
22. Go to a casino
23. Build a Habitat for Humanity Home
24. Have a spa day
25. Go to Greece
26. Start a college fund for my child
27. Go whale watching.
28. Attend the Macy’s Turkey Day Parade
29. Go to Las Vegas
30. Go to a Super Bowl.
31. Buy my husband a Movado
32. Own a pair of Manolo Blahiks
33. “Adopt” a child for Christmas
34. Earn a Masters degree
35. Get a PhD
36. Go to Myrtle Beach
37. Do a photo project for one month.

Every time I have started a bucket list I either lose it or forget what I had written down and then I lose track but by creating this blog I am not only crossing off an item on my list, but I have a place where it will always be and other people can join me as I go through my daily life and try and accomplish my dreams.

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