The Busy Giffs: Today I am angry.

January 28, 2011

Today I am angry.

I am usually a very happy person; sometimes I get stressed, but VERY rarely, I get angry.
Today I am very angry.

The Wareham complex cashed my check. To me, that's a good sign. We watched another person come in and pick up his check because he had decided not to go to the Wareham apartments. So if they cashed it, that must mean we have something right? Well when I called Wareham, they told me to email the management company so I did. No response back all day. Ugh.

Go to work. My manager is a moron but I'll leave it at that. You know those people that you look at and you are like how did you physically make it this far in life? The people that you see walk towards you and you brace for your blood to start boiling because you seriously just don't want to breathe the same air they do? Ya, that's her. She's a moron. She makes me hate being at work. thank god I like everyone else.

I ordered a book from Amazon yesterday and paid extra for overnight shipping so I could read and get my assignemnt done for Tuesday's class. When the package still hadn't arrived at 4 when I left for work I left a note on my mailbox that said "Please leave the package for me  if no one answers the door. I NEED it for class and can not wait until Monday to receive it." I printed and signed my name so that it could be left. Nope. Came home to a "1st delivery attempt" slip from UPS. Fuck you.

And to top it all off, I'm still angry from the other day.  Now this is the first time that I have to play the "if I write about this I may hurt some one's feelings" game with the blog but I find the more I get out the better I feel so I apologize if I upset anyone but at the same time, I was upset by their actions.
We went to lunch and our bill was 43 dollars. Now I purposely ate a very inexpensive meal so I could order dessert and still be around the 20 dollar mark.
My meal (soup and bread sticks): 6.95
My drink (Shirley temple): 2.95
My dessert(mousse cake-yum!):6.50
Grand total: 16.40

Now 43.00-16.40+ 1.50 (round up for tax)= $25.10

They had a real meal, a glass of wine and a dessert.

The person I was with had two $20's and 3 $1's and proceeded to leave $23 so they didn't have to break the other $20. Not only did they not pay for their whole bill but neglected the tax and the server's tip entirely. Now I know it's only an extra few bucks to cover there meal and tip ( I ended up putting 19.47 on my "half" of the bill) but then I felt obligated to still leave our VERY GOOD server a GOOD tip.  I ended up leaving $27 for my $16 meal because someone else didn't want to break a $20?? How did I get a bowl of soup and a soda and end up paying more than your legit meal and glass of wine?!?
David and I do well. We are not rich by any stretch, but we also aren't concerned about getting booted out of our apartment anytime soon but with a baby, maternity leave, subbing up in the air and the rest-- why should I cover for someone else? They didn't even say thanks for covering their extra! Its like it was just expected that I would cover it, and I did. Needless to say I will reconsider meals out with them next time...

I know its silly and stupid but it really upset me and now that I've put it on "paper" I feel a little better.  The anger has subsided slightly and tomorrow's another day. Cross your fingers its a good one and I get some answers.

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