The Busy Giffs: A reminder.

January 29, 2011

A reminder.

Last night I barely slept; I think just too much on my mind. I try VERY hard not to get focused on the downsides of life and let it get me down but this week has just been blah.

This morning I was reminded how very lucky I am.

I woke up to a back rub from my husband, concerned because I hadn't slept well. David and I felt baby kick (quite a bit) as we laid in bed, and the puppies snuggled with us.

And most importantly, a plan my mom and I have been trying to put together seems to be happening. Nothing makes me re-evaluate my own life and look at things in perspective better than when I'm doing something to help someone else.  makes me distracted and I realize how different things could be.

One of my younger cousins found a lump in her brain; she's 11 years old.  It's benign but still very scary for all of us.  On New Years she made a list of her "wishes" for 2011 which include a trip to Greece, seeing Mary Poppins live, and going to the American girl store.  This was before we knew it was benign.

Could you imagine that those are your three wishes for the year?  If someone told me there was something growing in my brain I would be going insane. Trips to places I had never seen, buying luxuries I'd never get to have and this little girl wants to see a play and go to a store (she had the Greece thing right :D ) Kind of makes you rethink your values, doesn't it?

Because they live in PA the American girl store is not close by any stretch.  There's New York City and the Natick Collection. We can do that. And then I get an email. Apparently being a theater going/loving geek has paid off because my inbox shows an email for a special discounted rate on... wait for it.... MARY POPPINS TICKETS!

This is perfect right? Everything is falling into place and it makes me so happy.  I'm stressed about which apartment I'm going to have and which if the jobs I have is going to have me work, and I'm stressed because I have a baby on the way. Seriously, STFU Heather.

An 11 year old's dream is to take a train to visit, go see a play and go to a store with her cousins and I'm stressed out because of opportunities being presented in front of me.  I feel like an ass. I'm just really glad that I have people in my life who can remind me how wonderful everything I have is.

So today, do something silly, play/call a friend, get excited about something small and remind yourself that one day, those were the only things that mattered.

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