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January 31, 2011

Puppy 9-1-1

This is my pup. Well, one of them, the older one.  She's my little shelter pup that I adopted 2 years ago with my then boyfriend, Matthew.  After a long messy relationship and breakup, Matt opted for the condo we had and I got the pup; I seriously couldn't have been happier with what I got. The top picture was her playing in the snow 2 weeks ago and the bottom is the first picture I took of her... gained 7 lbs and grew into her ears a bit... that's about it.
Last night was interesting. When I got home from work David showed me a small flat lump on the inside of Sable's leg. It wasn't red or swollen and it didn't hurt her when we touched it so we figured we'd call the vet in the morning and set up an appointment.
Flash forward to 10 pm and I'm crawling into bed. The pups roll over for their belly rubs and Sable's small bump has developed into a 3 in by 1 inch, very large, very red, very swollen bump. Still doesn't hurt when we touch it (at least not that she's showing) but we weren't taking any chances.  We called the emergency vet in Bridgewater and the doctor advised us to come right in saying that she feared a hernia by the way we were talking. Hernias in dogs are not like people hernias, their actual organs begin to push through their stomach linings and it can be fatal.
So the first thing we did was x-rays, which ruled out a hernia. The stomach lining is intact and the organs are all where they need to be.  Great, so whats causing it? An ultrasound shows a fluid pocket but there's no known source for it. And why did it come on so quickly?
The blood work showed a normal count of red and white blood cells but also a bacteria. However, the bacteria count was slow low that and the white blood cells seemed normal so it may be whats causing it, but we're not sure. 
After 2 hours of sitting in the room waiting for an answer, we were told they don't have one. She would need to stay the night on antibiotics and antiinflammatory medicine until they can have a surgeon take a look at her.
Leaving the vet, I cried. probably from horomones but I just cried. By the time we got home I was so tired I passed out before I hit the pillow and didnt wake up until 6 when my alarm went off. Snooze. Back to bed til 8:15 am. Wow.

The doctor just called to give us an update...

The swelling is still there but seems to have gone down a bit. They are sending out a citology to ensure that it's not cancerous but it looks like they will be bale to treat it medicinally, rather than surgically. She'll have antibiotics for two weeks and the antiinflammatory for a week. Couple that with warm compresses two or three times a day and a check up in a day, and we've got a sick little puppy. Now I just have to wait the next hour until I can go up and get her. 

Driving home, David and I had the talk about what would happen if it was somethign surgical or cancerous. What if she could "give it" to Bailey? Thankfully we spent much less than we expected to last night, but while we're looking at moving and a first,last,and security for that place it reeeeallly was inconvenient. Yes, I'm an asshole. My puppy being sick is inconvenient. I've already been stressed about money and the living situation and now I'm not sure whats going on with my puppy.  I wish I could say I'll do anything to make her better but we have a small savings account and a baby on the way. My hospital bills and the baby's care needs to be the priority. I would hate to have to get rid of her but that's the reality of a family vs. a dog. Thankfully the doctor seems to think this will go away with the medicine and we can reevaluate from there.

I'm very sad and very happy right now. Clearly I'm not at the school right now but I'm covering a shift at the restaurant tonight so it makes up for it.  Tomorrow's the ultrasound for Baby Gifford, Wednesday Ill be in the school, and I have a sub job for Thursday already. We'll make it work, we always do.

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