The Busy Giffs: Privileged.

January 5, 2011


When I look back at my life, I think of one word: privileged.  I didn't grow up with super wealthy parents or in a neighborhood where everyone drove a Ferrari but I had many amazing opportunities and am I thankful for what I have on my life's resume already.
Before I can start a bucket list, I have to know what I've already done:
1.      Go to Paris

2.      Graduate from college

3.      Get married

4.      Get my own place/move out of mom & dad’s

5.      Have a dog (Ended up with 2!)

6.      Volunteer in another country (Belize)

And this was all in college! As thankful as I am for everything that has already happened, I am nervous and apprehensive as I go onto the next steps in my life and being the planner that I am, feel it necessary to try and plan that out as well.

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