The Busy Giffs: My brain is a hodgepodge.

January 26, 2011

My brain is a hodgepodge.

I feel like there are 82,004 things going on in my head and I'm having a hard time keeping everything organized.  Its weird though because I kind of like having things up in the air. Its stressful but I feel like I have so much going on and Id rather be overly busy than sitting alone in my apartment every day. So hopefully by writing it all out this post will help me clear up my brain and give the world some insight to what the eff is going on right now, because I'm not really sure either.

1. This blog. I have over 800 views, not counting my own. In 3 weeks? That's crazy to me. I don't even talk about anything good. Haha. It's crazy what this electronic desire to know everyones life is doing to people; I wonder how many people read this that I actually know. The demographics stem to England, Canada and even one view from Australia. how interesting can my life be that some from Australia viewed this blog? This blog full of books Ive read, useless knowledge about things I like and don't like, and that's about it. It's cool. It's weird, but it is still very cool.

When I was younger a blog destroyed my self esteem and what I thought was a developing relationship. Oh well. I never thought I'd be writing one and people would actually read it.  I am hoping that in the next few months I can document the next steps in my and David's lives. Hopefully, one day we'll look back at it and laugh at how ridiculous we were and it may even be a good start for baby and a way to keep everyone else in the loop. Between pictures, videos, and posts, I hope to keep people in the loop who wouldn't normally get to see us or the little one as much as they'd like.

2. The living situation. As I've mentioned before, we are moving. A week ago I would have said we are moving across the cul-de-sac to another apartment in the same complex we are in now. For anyone who doesn't know or has never been here we live in The Residences at Buttonwood Park.  It's a nice place, it really is.  We're on the New Bedford/Dartmouth line and honestly, once you pull into our place with the grass and the very few people around, you wouldn't know it;s New Bedford, but it is. And it always will be. I have tried very hard to assimilate to the area and I've done well but if I found something in the same price point that's just as nice, or nicer, and not in New Bedford I would move in a heartbeat. Which brings me to my next bit of information. We found another place called The Village at 815 Main Street.  It's in Wareham and its GORGEOUS. It's a brand new development that was just finished in August and started leasing in October.  I found a 2 bedroom town home on Sunday and went in first thing Monday morning to talk to someone about getting in.

When I arrived the woman was going through messages from the weekend but paused to inform me that they had no vacancies and had leased or promised every 2 bedroom town home unit already but if I wanted to fill out a card they would be in touch. Half way through filling out my contact information, a message is played and it is a gentleman asking to remove his hold on his unit because he had decided to go to the Pinehills instead. Oh.em.gee- it was destiny. So the woman looked at me and said, well we just had one open if you'd like to take a look.  A half hour later I had finished all the paperwork I needed for my application. David went when he got out of work to do his part of the application and now we are playing the waiting game.

So best case, Wareham comes back in a week and says we can move in asap. The unit is vacant and then all we'd have to do is work it out with where we are now to stay for a bit. The complicated part is that our lease here is up Jan 31st however, we have been planning on moving to another unit across the way. We were originally told that the other tenant would be out on the 31st and then the complex requires 5 to 7 days to clean up, do repairs and get it ready for us and then we would have another week to move between the two units. Which to me, puts our move out date at Feb 14th-ish. I imagine then they would use the 5 to 7 days to clean up our unit and would begin renting it on the first of march.  However, I don't know if we will hit any complications if we ask to just move outright on the 15th.  I also don't want to ask our current person any of this and complicate things further if for some reason we don't get approved for Wareham. But since we are still waiting for Buttonwood to update us or tell us what's happening (we haven't heard form them in about 2 weeks) its getting slightly stressful.  I know it will work out, it always does, its just weird being up in the air and not knowing for sure.

3. Speaking of not knowing lets talk about work. The preschool is still at a standstill and Friendly's has become a Friday, Saturday, Sunday thing but the subbing is not as consistent as I thought. I didn't get a call Monday, got 2 calls yesterday, didn't get a call today. tomorrow looks like it will be a snow day so who knows. I really don't want to crawl back to Friendly's especially since there is still hope for the preschool pending my doctors appointment. If you missed that, catch up here.  Yea, it's fun. So I'm stuck and the longer I sit stuck the less money I have coming in.  We'll be fine-- we always are but it's stressful.  I canvased today and applied at so many places, including places in Wareham Crossing (yes, I'm remaining optimistic about the townhouse). 

4. The baby. Its still weighing on my mind that the baby is smaller than what they expected to be at my last appointment but I know there's nothing I can do or think about until my next ultrasound on the 1st.  hopefully the little one will cooperate this time and actually flip around so we can see it's heart and double check everything. Unfortunately, Ill still have to wait another week before I get to talk to the doctor and find out if I'm having a little baby or a baby later in the month. Little one is a scootch, that's for sure.

5. Last but not least, school. Yep, it started again. I love school, I really do. Three graduate courses Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Really it'll be easy.  My Tuesday night course is on teaching English mostly focusing on Literary Theory and Criticisms, thank you Jadwiga Smith for my crazy "shoulda been a grad class" undergrad class at BSU. I'm all set. Wednesday nights is how to teach English to Middle school and High school specifically. Yep. Our two major texts are The Giver and The Book Thief. Plus its with a teacher I've already had so I know she's easy. Not easy, it's a lot of work but I know her grading scale and she seems fine enough. Now Thursdays, I'm not so sure.  It's a class on Urban Social Issues and how they play into being an educator. The class seems easy enough but I've never had the professor and I think its the first professor I've ever had whose not on Ratemyprofessor.  I've been told he's a good teacher but we'll see. 

Speaking of which, I don't think I'm going to class tonight.  The school is closed at 6 pm and there's a parking ban at 5 pm.  My class is from 4-6:30.  I'm thinking if it's too dangerous for me to go out at 6, I probably shouldn't go out at 4 pm.  Just a thought. Great way to start the semester.  In my defense, I did email the teacher and ask but she has not responded. So instead I think I will put a roast in the oven for dinner and get some cleaning done. Ive already accomplished 4 loads of laundry today and brought out the trash.  I'd go return bottles and cans but if I'm going to drive to do that, I can drive to go to school, which Id rather not do.  I know how to drive in snow, I have an SUV, but most people are retarded and can not comprehend how to drive when there's white stuff floating down.

Now I don't want to be a complete Negative Nelly today. I am very excited about all of the opportunities that are coming up in my life, it's just hard to not have control of them since I always have control (and I must say my stress level is RIDICULOUSLY low for everything going on). I will end this extremely long blog with a couple of positive notes.

1. Mom bought us a baby gift already! it's so exciting and every time someone mentions the baby or the showers or life post-delivery, I get so excited. Baby makes me smile.

2. Since this just came on Pandora and always makes me smile, I'll share it with you.

Cross your fingers for me, say a prayer or do whatever you do-- it'll all work out. <3

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