The Busy Giffs: Movement

January 21, 2011


 I guess I should add that I regularly feel baby movements now. I guess I forgot to mention it to people. Sorry. :(

This morning was pretty wonderful though. After getting calle dout of work, David and I took advantage of our morning off together (c'mon people... I'm pregnant, we all knew it was happening...) and when we were done he rested his hand on my stomach.  I felt baby and David yanked his hand and jsut started smiling-- he felt it too! I thought it was cute, David assumed the baby was pissed because we disturbed it's sleep. Haha.

I know it seems so small and trivial but a few weeks ago when I wasnt feeling ANYTHING from the little one I was nervous thats omething was wrong but now that I can feel it and apparently, other people can too, I am so excited. I promise I'll be better about updating what goes on with the little one so everyone can be included!

Tyler is 4!

It's crazy to me that this perfect little man is already 4! But then again, I feel like he's always been a part of our family so how...


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