The Busy Giffs: Feeling Better.

January 21, 2011

Feeling Better.

Although I barely slept last night, I woke up this morning feeling much better. Still a little queasy here or there but I did alright most of the day. I got a phone call from Fall River cancelling my sub job because of the snow and it was quickly followed by Friendlys telling me that my shift tonight was cancelled.  A full day off after pretty much being off yesterday. Boo.

David and I decided to go start our registries at Target and BabiesRUs so that we have plenty of time to add, delete, and edit it as it gets closer. Plus with it a weekday and snow, we knew the places would be empty.  Sure enough they were. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.  I was crippled over in an aisle dying because David was hilarious.

Everyone knows that we're trying to make this baby a surprise. It gets harder every time we start looking at stuff but we REALLY want it to be a surprise. Well with David and his "gun" in hand, there were times where you seriously thought we were having a girl... pink socks, ruffly onsies, and other super boy things, like a bib that said "Chicks Dig Me". He accepts full responsibility if its a girl and its a lesbian. Great.

Now some people on here know the godfather, Derek Lakey. He's a mess. I love him and he's a mess. He CAN NOT go through a conversation with me without using the word "placenta" so what does David do? Tries to find anything and everything that says "placenta".  Thankfully not many things do so he moved on to scanning anything he could find that said "nipple".

My god, we got the funniest looks from other people.  He would jump and try and scan things, pull the 007 moves around the corner and would yell about the most ridiculous things he could find.  He INSISTED we add a mosquito net for the carriage to our registry because he wants people to laugh then they see the baby in a net. Seriously? He's so lucky I love him...

However the best, and I mean BEST part was when we were at Target.  target is a bit trickier than BabiesRUs because you have to lift each item and scan the actual bar code on the item, not just the bar code on the price tag in front of the item.  Our Target is undergoing a remodel so there were about 6 employees working in the baby section, resetting it.  David didn't understand that repeatedly scanning the front code wasn't working and you had to literally lift the item so I said "You need to pull it out".  His response:

"If I had pulled it out in the first place, we wouldn't be doing this right now".  I nearly pissed myself laughing.  Couple that with all the employees gapping in horror and I couldn't take it. David was BEAMING because he was so proud of his little remark. I dont know how he does it but I love him.

In true pregnant fashion, I came home and took a 3 hour nap with the pups I'm fine with it, that's what snow days are for. Couple a nap with Chinese food for dinner and chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven right now and I'd say this whole "settling down and having a family thing" is pretty wonderful. <3

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