The Busy Giffs: Day 9-- A Picture You Took

January 13, 2011

Day 9-- A Picture You Took

So I'm going with the sentimental on this one...

As you can tell from the awkward angle and me only being in half the picture, I took this myself as a "pull out the arm and pray to God it comes out well" kind of picture.

It's from our honeymoon in Newport in August.  We don't have many pictures of us together, let alone kissing and although we have a TON from the actual wedding, this is the only one we have from our honeymoon.

 We took a week off and had an amazing time; we didn't deal with flights or passports or anything, simply drove to Newport and stayed there for a few nights. 

This picture was taken on our last night there.  The sun was setting, the ocean was amazing and I was so happy to just be there with him. There's just something that I absolutely love about this picture (and him-- I even smile when I kiss him, if you can see it!). <3

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