The Busy Giffs: Day 7-- Five Things I Couldn't Live Without

January 11, 2011

Day 7-- Five Things I Couldn't Live Without

1. A camera or anything in the form of a camera.  An actual camera, the camera in my phone or any other means of capturing a moment forever.  When I look through my scrapbooks and old albums on Facebook, I revisit every event that those images present and I would be lost without many of them.

2. My rocks. (In no particular order) my mom, my husband & my siblings.  My mom is truly the most amazing person that I've ever met and having her in my life makes mine that much better. My husband is the male representation of my mom and when its the three of us, life is amazing.  It only gets better if you add in Nick, Derek, Kris and Abby.  When I think of these six people I think of a quote
                               "I am because you are" -- African proverb

3. My cell phone. Stupid, yes, unnecessary, yep, but I live in New Bedford and the rest of my family does not.  There are days I wish I could get rid of it so I could stop getting phone calls from work, texts from people I cant stand anymore, but without it, I'd be lost and disconnected from my family (see above).

4. School. Be it my classes that I'm attending, the classes I've already finished or the class I will hopefully teach one day-- school is an integral part of my life.  My best friends were formed in some level of school, I still GO to school, and now I'm teaching in a school.  Imagine what life would be like for me if formalized education had never been created?

5. Chocolate is the guilty number 5. paired with caramel, it's deadly. This only made the list because I DESTROYED a bag of Cadbury mini eggs tonight. Yep, a BAG.  I don't even feel guilty.  Add in my obsession with Godiva, Lindt, and even the little Bliss candies and I'm all set.  Tonight David joked my child would be "chocolate" from all the chocolate I've been consuming.  I'm fine with it.

There's my five. What's yours?

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