The Busy Giffs: Day 24 — A movie no one would expect you to love

January 28, 2011

Day 24 — A movie no one would expect you to love

This topic is actually surprisingly difficult for me to write on. 
I like movies. I like them a lot. And now that I can go watch them for free while David's at work, or if he comes with me, I like them even more. However, I went through a phase where I needed to own every DVD ever made and now.. ehhh. They just dont have the appeal. I'll grab one every once in a while before bed but usually I have a book instead.
If you look at my current movie collection, which has been whittled down quite a bit in the past few years, the first thing you'll notice is my ungodly collection of Disney movies. Not just Disney, but ANIMATED Disney. I'm a five year old, it's fine. 
Next you see our "stupid funny" movies... Superbad, SNL Specials, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Borat, etc.
Next: The girly movies: Sex and the City Seasons, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Serendipity, etc.
And finally: The Action/Drama/Superhero movies: Die Hard, Spiderman, The Dark Knight, etc.
No where in there will you find a scary movie, a gross gut infested movie, or a documentary. Even suspensful, frigthening movies are yucky.
I have an extremely active imagination and after seeing the Ring, I couldn't look out my bedroom window at night or use the bathroom without turning on every single light on the way. I know it's fake but my crazy dreams are pretty vivid and I can imagine and recreate just about anything I (don't) want it to.
That being said, I throughly enjoy Zombieland, The Sixth Sense, and Gone Baby Gone. All gross "somethings going to jump out at you" movies. I dont know why. They are definately not favorites but I like them and I think that they are unexpected for me.
Honestly: give me Dispicable Me, The Other Guys, or just about anything with Will Ferrell in it, and I'll be a happy little scootch.

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