The Busy Giffs: Day 13 — A guilty pleasure

January 17, 2011

Day 13 — A guilty pleasure

Oops, I have far too many guilty pleasures! I dont see anythign wrong with having a guilty pleasure, especially not multiple ones.  I love them and depending on the serverity of guilt, you could enjoy one everyday!

Bubble baths, getting a manicure, GOOD chocolate (like Godiva, Lindt, etc...), purses, crappy shows like Pretty Little Liars (which is on tonight-- watch it!!), Chris Farley anything, and going shopping-- especially for shoes!!

I know guilty pleasures are supposed to be these embarrassing things you do that you love that you dont want anyone to know, but I seem to associate spoiling myself with a guilty pleasure.  I try not to do them often because, let's face it, I can always find something else I need the money for ( ie. the $80 worth of groceries I just bought this morning) and feel bad spending the $20 on myself to go get a manicure.  I REALLY want to get a massage but am going back and forth with it. Maybe it'll be my birthday present to myself....

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