The Busy Giffs: Blah. Again.

January 20, 2011

Blah. Again.

Either baby hates me for my mean comments yesterday about how life would be less complicated if I wasnt planning around 3 or I've caught a stomach bug. Whomp whomp.

I was fine last night, woke up this morning and took a swig of OJ and it stayed down for maybe 3 minutes.  Tried some cranberry juice, yep. Shit. So lets go substitute without being able to keep anything down.  I popped ina  handful of Trix and called it a morning. Trix+ apple juice on the ground next to the side of your car kind of looks like a holographic gas leak... ya, I'm odd. But the way I see it, with the little one in my stomach I need to be aware of what I take in and what comes back out-- I almost feel like I'm 8 weeks pregnant again and will vomit just from looking at food. Oh well, lets see how subbing goes.

I get there, great-- half day-- I'll be done by 11:30. And theres an assembly 3rd and 4th period with a planning period 2nd. Easy enough.  Minus vomming 3 times before 3rd period and then we hear "the announcement".  The assembly presenters are late and the 7th graders (which I was with) would not be going until 5th period. Great-- I have lesson plans for 5th and 6th period but not for 3rd and 4th. Thank god I know Math. Similar, scale ratios, pre-algebra-- great. Finished the day with an assembly and a quick vom run. I could not wait to get home.  Home by 12, asleep by 12:15, slept til 2:30.  Im ok with it.

Attempted flat gingerale, nope, koolaid packets, nope, milk, nope. Ugh. Finally caved and decided I needed to eat SOMETHING and settled on Life cereal.  I am happy to report it has stayed down even though the water came back up.  I dont get it.  David's going to bring me home gatorade so I dont get dehydrated and still get the eletrolytes and stuff I need. I would but I'm seriously comfy in my bed watching HIMYM. He's wonderful; I love him.

but since I proised to blog for 30 days straight... its challenge day 16 which brings me to a song that makes me cry. I'm not even explaining this one, I tear up every time and I'm not even ashamed. If you dont cry, well, I just dont know.

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