August 7, 2017

Getting Ready for Disney - Magic Ears

We were provided these ears in exchange fr our post, however, we searched them out because we loved them so much! All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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Seriously, one of the best parts of a trip to Disney are the EARS!
I love the creative Disney ears that I see all over the parks and while Disney Store offers lots of great ones, I am always amazed at what I can find being handmade and on Etsy. I'm excited to highlight a few of my favorites!

1. Show Me Your Ears

MIckey ears, floral, disney

Seriously, how gorgeous are these flower ears?! I'm obsessed. I had reached out to Morgan, the owner, asking for a Beauty and the Beast inspired floral set and I was in love with what she came back with! I might be biased since I love Morgan anyways-- she's a former student and now my son's teacher!-- but the attention to detail in these is just amazing. Emmalee has already asked if she can steal them from me but I have plans to wear these both days in the park- they'll match every theme I'm going for! And the best part, only $19.99 plus shipping.

2. Wicked Good Ears

Wicked Good Ears is run by Ally, a New England native turned Atlanta transplant, and lover of all things Disney. The shop just opened in July, but she is excited to bring a high quality and durable product to Disney fans with new styles coming every week! Ally made these gorgeous Lilly inspired ears when I told her how excited I was to check out Disney Spring's Lilly Pulitzer store. I'm making Emma a matching short to wear since I know she'll end up stealing my "Lilly Pumitzer" inspired ears! At only $25 with free shipping, you need to grab a pair of her handmade ears!

3. Happily Ever Ears By Tam

When I was on Etsy looking at ears, Emma came up behind and shouted (right in my ear!) "Mom, I neeeeeeeed those fruit ones when I go to Disney!" Her obsession of fruit and my love of Dole Whips equal the perfect set of ears for Aloha Isle, and every where else that's bright and fun! She also just started making matching pocket shirts to go with her ears, which is super helpful when outfit planning. Shirts start at just $13 and ears range from $20-$28. 
And I can I say I'm obsessed with her? Whe I told her how much Emmalee loved them, she included matching bow! Great customer service that goes above and beyond always gets my vote (or money). 

4. MagicalCreations1

We all know how obsessed I am with the Dooney and Bourke Sketch pattern, right? I mean, I even decked out my Magic Band with the pattern so I was beside myself when I saw this fabric that looks so similar! While I don't have the ears yet, I wanted to share this page because I'm obsessed with her as a seller and her customer service. I reached out to her just before her move and when things got crazy during her move, instead of ignoring me, she kept open, constant communication. That alone makes me want to scream her name from the rooftops. Good customer service is hard to come by. I can not wait until they arrive!

Which ones are your favorites?

xo,  Heather

July 24, 2017

More Disney Savings with Groupon Coupons

This post was written on behalf of Groupon, however all opinions are my own. 

I can't even put into words how excited I am for our Disney trip next month!
It's been just over 2 years since our last trip. Tyler and Emma are now 3 and 6 and both are HUGE Disney fans. I really can't wait to see their faces when they find out we are going!

I always look to get super (over) prepared when we go on vacation and going to Disney is no exception. I plan out outfits, order grocery delivery to the hotel, and stock up on less expensive Disney items that can be used as "souvenirs" which saves us money while we're there! Our Mousekeeping was amazing about leaving them in special places so it seemed magical to the kids when they got back to the room and something new was there!

Because I'm super cheap frugal, I'm always looking for the best deals and have found the best deals using Groupon Coupons! Obviously, a trip to Disney requires as much frugality as I can manage so I was thrilled to see Groupon Coupons for the Disney Store! From 10% off my order, to free shipping, to a super discounted Dooney and Bourke cosmetic case coupon, Groupon Coupons added a little bit more to my "fun money" account!

While I'm excited to save money at the Disney Store I'm equally excited about all the stores I can save money at as well.  Target , Macy’sWalmart, and Barnes and Noble all have great Disney merchandise that I can grab to prepare for our trip! No matter what your shopping need may be, Groupon has a deal for you! So, get saving and check on the deals for yourself! 

July 21, 2017

Best Things for Moms from Blogger Bash 2017

I already shared my favorite toys of Blogger Bash's Sweet Suite, but think I need a few minutes to talk about the amazing things that don't quite qualify as toys. There were a handful of things that I found super cool so they needed their own post. Rather than Sweet Suite, these mostly come from the earlier in the day Babypalooza and CE Week.

Again, in no particular order...

Kudo Banz
These things are amazing! Raise your hand if you have ever had a sticker chart for your kid? Now raise your hand if you were out in public and said sticker chart was no longer a good way to get your kids to behave? Yep. Kudo Banz works like a rewards chart except it's on their wrist so it's much more obvious way to keep them on track. Partnered with an app, it's a new lifesaver in this house.

Jojo Maman Bebe
Couple British accents with ridiculously adorable children's clothing and you basically have Jojo Maman Bebe. Basically, I'm obsessed. The charm of these clothes are amazing. I'm literally dreaming of Tyler running around in this fox hoodie all Fall.

We all know I have a stroller obsession, but hold on to your hats-- this could very well be the absolute best stroller ever. You can buy it Day 1 and never need another stroller (as long as you only have 3 kids...). The Austlen Entourage is a stroller that grows with you, changing into 30 different configurations, that can hold up to 150 lbs total! Yikes! From a bassinet to a platform rider, it covers everything.  I barely even need a stroller but oh my gosh, do I want one!

Switchmate is going to revolutionize electricity bills in this house. The magnetic switchplates go over your already existing light switches and through a free app, you can control every light in your house. Gasp! Even better, in the coming months, they are releasing outlet plug covers so I canb control those plugs while I'm away too! This means no more coming home after work to fans that have been blowing on an empty room all day! I am ridiculously excited to get my house set up with this amazing technology!

Another piece of amazing technology- the Ticwatch 2 is an affordable, gorgeous Smart watch that seamlessly integrates to your phone and as a piece of wearable fitness technology. So much more gorgeous than the square ones I see out now- I have seriously Santa hopes for this.

Re-Play Recycled
We actually already knew about Re-Play Recycled but it's worth sharing because they save the world and are adorable while doing so. Re-Play "rescues" milk jugs from landfills and turns them into these gorgeous plates, bowls, snack cups, and utensils (to name a few). The quality is insane and I can justify buying more, knowing how great the company is for the environment.

Armitron is another company that I knew about previously but I didn't really pay attention to them last year, writing them off as a high end brand that wouldn't work for myself, my family, or my readers, but my mind has been completely changed. So many of these gorgeous watches are in the $50-$75 range and you can get 20% off your first order if you sign up for their emails. I mean, hello Christmas gifts! I maybe picked out a few that I loved and sent them to David already...

Tickle Water
We all know that I'm doing a lot more to be healthy (even if I can't lose any weight to save my damn life), and one of those big things was eliminating soda. I do still miss bubbles sometimes and instead have found myself drinking flavored seltzer water at times. I'm obsessed with Tickle Water because it has no added sugars and tastes good! I've already placed an order on Amazon and will be mixing some drinks up this summer!

I love getting to see so many brands and all their amazing products- which one are you most excited about?

xo, Heather

Getting Ready for Disney - Magic Ears

We were provided these ears in exchange fr our post, however, we searched them out because we loved them so much! All thoughts and opinions ...


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