March 14, 2017

Feeling Cozy on a Snow Day Thanks to Honeywell!

I can't believe that it's March and we're still getting hit with snow!
For the record, I strongly dislike snow, possibly even bordering on hate. I have imagined living somewhere South, like North Carolina, soaking up the 60* "winters". I wouldn't even complain during the 100+ degree days. I love them!
It's not just the snow though. It's the wet socks and pants, the 42 layers of clothes you have to wear, and the cold.  It's just so cold. Thankfully our house is new construction and relatively small so heating isn't much of an issue but I'm cheap and I don't want to turn it past 65*.

The only issue we run into is downstairs in the playroom.  It can get chilly but with a little help from a Honeywell 360* Surround Heater, it provides cozy, safe play for the kids.

Keeping Cozy in the Playroom

The idea of a space heater near my children was a bit nerve wracking at first, until I learn about the special safety features of the Honeywell 360* Surround Heater. This heater has a 360° SafetyTip™ switch, which automatically shuts off the heater if tipped over in any direction, overheat protection, caution lights to alert users when a heater is turned on, and a cool-touch housing and handle. I don't have to worry about them accidentally bumping and burning themselves or it creating a fire if it gets knocked over.

At less than $50, this would be a perfect heater for under the desk to keep your piggy toes warm, or to keep near the sofa as you curl up with a good book...

How cute are they in their kitchen? Not much says 'cozy' like some fake chocolate chip cookies and a personal heater.

xo, Heather

March 6, 2017

Ready for the NEW Live Action Beauty and Beast with Great Pretenders!

The new Live Action Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson  is coming out next week!
I will admit, I was a bit apprehensive about it.  I am a die hard Disney fan and you just don't mess with the classics... However, since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie of all time (seriously, she loves books and finds the good in people... it's like me, but skinnier and prettier...) I will be giving it a chance! I already pre-ordered tickets to see it so I'm excited!

Emmalee is obviously going to be my date. Since seeing the trailer, Emmalee has been obsessed! I mean, she loved the original one so I'm not surprised she loves this one too and if you know anything about Emmalee, it's that she gets really into whatever she is excited about.

She asked if we could buy a special Belle costume to wear to the new movie and I happily obliged.  I was lucky enough to connect with Great Pretenders last year at Toy Fair and remembered the gorgeous dresses they had set up.  I know Great Pretenders offers amazing quality since the cheerleader outfit they sent us is still one of Emma's favorite dress up outfits!

When our dress arrived, Emma insisted on putting it on immediately, of course. Then she asked if we could go to the "Belle Library".  She's called it this since we moved here, as she's convinced it's the Beast's castle, and I can't really argue with her logic.

It really does look like a castle you'd expect to see Belle in so when my little Belle was walking around, I couldn't resist a few shots...

Find her little plush Belle here on Amazon!

You can purchase the dress from Great Pretenders here.  It's only $30 and if you use code 15FORSPRING, you can save 15% on your order! I seriously considered grabbing the matching doll dress for only $20!

But, let's be honest, I want to buy everything Beauty and the Beast right now...

A few other things I want to buy include the Motion Picture Soundtrack and this gorgeous print.

There's a TON of new Live Action items out including a Baby Belle Doll, a Belle Funko Pop figure and Mystery Minis, the newly designed Mrs Potts and Chip Tea set, The Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box, and Belle and Beast Dolls.

But maybe you love the original more? I'm loving these toys that stay true to the original version as well, like This Little Golden Book, A Dress Up Wooden Doll Set from Melissa and Doug, my favorite Figure playset from Disney, or the adorable Little People Belle and Beast set!

Seriously, I dare you to buy any of those items and not get more excited about the film! I can already promise you that Emmalee will be in the theater in her gorgeous Belle inspired dress from the Great Pretenders, watching the movie the weekend it comes out!

Will you be seeing the new Live Action version of Beauty and the Beast?

xo,  Heather

February 19, 2017

It's Spring in February!

It's currently 50* outside and it's not exactly normal for February in Massachusetts.  It's got me thinking about all the things I want to do to our yard as it gets warmer...

Let's be honest, this is the dream... but we need a new house for this...

1. Clear out some of our woods.
We are at the end of a dead end road and I'd love to clear out some of the brush to make more room. Part of me would like to put a pool on that side of the house and it would be the perfect space once it's cleared!

2. Redo and finish our fence.
Our builder kind of sucked. Instead of doing a great job with our fence, he put it overlapping our neighbors fence, a foot away and about 6" off the ground so it serves absolutely no purpose, except to cover up our neighbor's fence. I want to pull it down and ask our neighbor about just having the one fence between our houses. Then I'd like to wrap it the rest of the way so our backyard is fully enclosed for the kids.

3. Buy a new Swing Set
Our Little Tikes swing set was perfect for two little ones but now that Emma is older and bigger, the small 2.5 foot slide isn't cutting it anymore.  I really want to get a big wooden swing set instead. I'm loving this one and this one, which would both be so affordable.

4. Raised planting beds.
Every year I say I want to do them but this year, I really do. Raised planting beds with things like tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, even strawberries... Maybe I just need to focus on it...

5. Build a low deck.  We currently have a high deck, but I'd love to build a secondary low deck to have more space to relax, especially for...

6. a Hot tub!
I really want one... ha. We have a pool that is waiting for the flat land but I really want to splurge on a hot tub. It most likely won't be this year but it's in my mind...

7. Plant more bushes.
The front of our house looks a little bare. We bought smaller shrubs and then planted perennials, but I think I want some bushes so it doesn't look completely bare when it's not flowering season...

Anyone else already dreaming about warmer weather?

xo, Heather


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